Saturday, 2 July 2016

Poem on confused love: Wounded Soliloquy

And when did we meet?
And when did we part?
And what did you say
That troubled my heart?

And why did you smile?
And why did you frown?
And why do I feel
That I have let you down?

And why do I feel
That a shadow now stands
Between me and my God
And is forcing my hands?

Did a blade swiftly slash
Where I stood, through my breast?
Now the warmth of my blood
Seeks the earth where I rest.

I am mind, I am mud.
I am thirst, you are flood.
What have I that you seek?
I am drained as I speak.

Having nothing to give,
Having nothing to gain,
I crawl like a child.
Crawling deadens the pain.

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