Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Layman’s Guide to RTI Act 2005 Part 6: Understanding RTI Rules

Maharashtra Government‘s RTI Rules are almost identical with Central Government’s RTI rules, with only tiny differences.

The rules are:
  1. Form of application. RTI application should generally be filed in format given as Annexture A of the Rules.
  1. Word limit and subject: Each RTI application should only be about one subject, and the queries or requests under the heading ‘Description of Information‘, should not exceed 150 words. You can file additional RTI applications on same subject, if your queries exceed 150 words, or you want information on more than one subject. For Central government, the word limit is 500 words.
  1. Application fee. Application fee of Rs.10/- are to be paid by affixing Court Fee Stamp or Indian Postal Order (IPO) or bank’s demand draft or banker’s cheque in favour of public authority from whom information is sought, or in cash at the concerned office against receipt.
  1. Copying charges. Information in A-3 or A-4 size paper -- Rs.2/- per page
Large photocopies or printouts (e.g. architectural plans) – as per actual cost.
Publications – as per printed cost.
If any government department has prescribed fixed charges for documents/maps etc under its rules, then such charges are payable.
Information given on CD / DVD / Pen Drive etc. -- Rs.50/- apiece.
  1. Postage. Postal charges for sending the information to the applicant will be charged in advance as per estimated actual cost, unless the information is collected in person.
  1. Cost of inspection. Actual Inspection of files at the office of the public authority: Rs.5/- each 15 minutes or part thereof, with first hour free. If copies of documents inspected are requested, then copying charges will be as per rule no. 4 above.
  1. Appeal fees. First Appeal has to be filed in Annexture-B format, and Second Appeal in Annexture-C format. Appellant has to affix court fee stamp of Rs.20/- each for first and second appeal (State Information Commission). For Central Information Commission, there is no appeal fee.

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