Friday, 8 May 2015

Salman Khan appointed Brand Ambassador of Bombay High Court's clemency drive

Under the firm guidance and keen eye of Chief Justice Mohit Shah, Bombay High Court has shown that it has amazing efficiency. By cutting through the red-tape to ensure that Salman Khan did not go to jail even for one second, Bombay High Court has shown that it can clear away pendencies effortlessly.
"I am happy and proud to announce that SALMAN KHAN IS NOW THE BRAND AMBASSADOR of Bombay High Court's new drive for granting bail and suspending convictions & sentences handed down by trial courts," said Chief Justice Mohit Shah at a press conference, while congratulating Judge Abhay Thipsay for his super-fast moves that ensured the actor's liberty.
Responding to a query from the media about justice for the victims of Salman Khan's rash driving, Mohit Shah retorted, "Justice? What is a little justice between friends? And victims? What victims? Do you see any victims around here? Don't you see Salman Khan is being made into a victim here? Don't you see that media is trying to sabotage this young man's bright future?"
Meanwhile, about 200 accused persons currently in jail since 2010-11, whose bail appeals before Justice Thipsay the same day were adjourned to dates between June and November 2015 because of the approaching summer vacations, were not available to cheer for Salman Khan and distribute laddoos outside his Bandra residence. When asked to comment about them, Chief Justice Mohit Shah stuffed his mouth with Salman Khan's laddoos and started laughing. "Here, have a laddoo," he said to the reporters, declining to answer any further questions.
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