Tuesday, 5 May 2015

High Court & Supreme Court give the finger to Lower Courts

High Court and Supreme Court judges routinely give the finger to lower courts & competent authorities, on many matters that they obviously have no understanding of. They issue stay orders against the execution of the lower court's (often well-argued) orders without any clear reasoning, and often without even hearing out the other side.
This undermines the entire judicial system, and demoralizes litigants who have worked hard for months, and spent pots of money, on their case.Because it all amounts to a big zero if some judge with a big ego presses the pause-button on the whole thing, indefinitely.
Getting such stay-orders vacated is a huge uphill task, for procedural reasons and because of the huge hardships that litigants face in approaching High Courts and Supreme Court, because they are hundreds or thousands of kilometres away. Litigants and well-meaning lawyers are reduced to tears of helplessness.
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