Questions to which Vardhaman Sanskar Trust avoided replying

To this press release, the trustees of Vardhaman Sanskar Dham emailed a rebuttal.

The below email was written raising further queries to their rebuttal. The queries raised by us in this email (in red) went unanswered.

From: Krishnaraj Rao <>
Date: Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 11:16 AM
Subject: Re: Draft Press Release on Cheating by Vardhman Sanskar Dham
To: Yogeshmshah Mahasukhalal <>
Cc: chartered accountant <>, kuvadia jyotish <>, Nilesh Patni <>, chetan mehta <>, Sulaiman Bhimani <>, Pravina Sonigra <>

Dear Yogeshbhai,
Thank you for your detailed rebuttal. My colleague Mr Sulaiman Bhimani and I will study your reply with care. If necessary, we will also seek the opinion of lawyers and chartered accountants to understand your transaction.
However, I feel that your rebuttal is somewhat loosely worded, and therefore, allow me to ask you some direct questions. I hope you will reply as directly as possible, and supported with documents if necessary.
My questions are below in red, in front of the respective paragraphs in your email:

On Tue, Feb 14, 2017 at 9:30 PM, Yogeshmshah Mahasukhalal <> wrote:

Dear Shri Krishnmunj Rao
 Received your draft press release on cheating by Vardhaman Sanskar Dham by mail on 13/02/2017
 Our rebuttal is as under  :

     It is factually wrong that the Trust has sold the flat situated at Bldg RN. 7 Flat No.103 to   Mr. Jethmalji  Sonigra  for Rs 13.19 Lakhs. The letter dated 12/04/2011  referred by you as a first letter head/ receipt of the Trust clearly shows that Mr. Sonigra had paid for purchase of the flat is not a receipt, It is only a  letter issued by our Virar branch to different Jain trust including Navjivan Jain Swetamber Murtipujak Sangh, Lamington Road, Mumbai. (acknowledgment stamp is clearly evident on the letter )  This letter was issued to support Mr. Sonigra for collection of fund to enable him to purchase a flat at Rajiv Nagar Complex. In this complex our Trust has financially supported around  250 families for app.300 lakhs to purchase a flat by interest free loan.

1) Sir, is it true and factual  that your Trust purchased the said flat in 2007 for an amount of Rs 4.3 lakhs? Yes or no?
2)  Sir, is it true and factual that against the same flat, your Trust accepted an amount of Rs 13.2 lakhs by cheque from Mr Sonigra? Yes or no?

      It is our Virar branch’s effort to settle Mr. Sonigra at Rajiv Nagar, for which they had appeal to various Trust and we have also received Fund  from them and amount was credited to Mr. Sonigra’s  account at that time, we have also given  possession of our  flat.  So flat no is mentioned accordingly, in this letter they have also mentioned that our Trust will help up to Rs. 150000/- to Mr. Sonigra for purchase the flat, This was our sincere effort to settle Mr. Sonigra at Rajiv Nagar Complex as per his wish.
3)  Sir, is it true and factual that the so-called "help" of Rs 1.5 lakhs was in the form of an "interest-free loan" or deferred payment? Yes or no? If not, please clarify in what form this amount was given as "help",
4) Whether Loan, Grant or otherwise, is it true and factual that the value of the flat (565 sq ft x 2600/-) was indicated on your Trust letterhead? If not, kindly explain what is the meaning and purpose of the figure indicated in the brackets, and why such a calculation was made. 

       The letter dated 14/03/2012 issued by our Head Office is as under
                                    We are in possession of flat no 103/E Nairut building of Rajivnagar,Virar, Mr.Jethumal Sonigra is a Blind jain Sadharmik and requires an accommodation.     We have received Rs.1319000/-as a deposit from him. Against this we have hand over the possession said flat no 103 to him for residence purpose.
                   It is very important that Mr.Sonigra has accepted this letter without any objection or issue at that time it means it is acceptable to him and never complain until 4 year
5) Is it true and factual that your Trust neither proposed nor made any rental agreement and/or leave-and-licence agreement with Mr Sonigra?
6) Is it true and factual that no monthly rent and/or any other form of regular payment was demanded from Mr Sonigra by your Trust, and no such payment was ever made by Mr Sonigra?

    During the period of 4 years whenever Mr. Sonigra approach us for purchase of flat as price was increase and he required more support we never refuse, as earlier our Trustee late Shri Subhash Malde has helped a lot and supported him to purchase flat at Agasi-virar also, our members and donor has supported Mr. Sonigra regularly as he was blind and associated with our religious activity. It is evident that even in May / June 2016 he requested us for help we have given Rs.25000/- by cheque on 03/06/2016 to him.  So our relation are good, there is no question of passing the buck at one another, even our Trustee Mr. Jyotish Kuvadia has offer his flat situated at complex, which was bigger than existent  flat for purchase but Mr. Sonigra has refused.

7) Sir, you say, "During the period of 4 years whenever Mr. Sonigra approach us for purchase of flat as price was increase..." Sir, what was the original purchase price of the flat indicated to Mr Sonigra, mentioned in you above paragraph, and what was the amount of increase stated by you?  

      Vardhman Sanskar Dham is charitable trust which has its own fame in helping people in need, has around 10 flat at Nairut building which are for socio-Religious activities carried out by local resident.
      It is factually  wrong that our Trust holding 30 or more flats in surrounding area in Virar.  whatever property we hold that was only at Rajiv Nagar Complex developed by us and for the benefit of local resident, only one flat which is hold by trustee Mr. Jyotish Kuvadia which was directly purchase from builder, non of trustee holding any property at Rajivnagar complex,

     Our Trust is registered Charitable Trust whatever we have done that is for the benefit of all the middle class Jain family at Rajiv Nagar, we have always helped Mr. Sonigra,  will do in future also.




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