Justice Karnan's contemptuous reply to SC's contempt notice

Mumbai, 12th February, 2017: Justice CS Karnan's reply to Supreme Court's contempt notice is heroically contemptuous. Based on this reply, one expects that the contempt hearing of India's judge-gone-berserk will probably have sensational disclosures about allegedly corrupt judges, particularly Chief Justice of Madras High Court SK Kaul. One is led to wonder whether Justice Karnan is on trial here, or India's judiciary is on trial!

Read Justice Karnan's defiant reply to the contempt notice.


In Justice Karnan's reply to the suo motu contempt notice served on him by a seven-judge bench, he alleges that the notice issued is (a) bad in law (b) illogical (c) unethical (d) against natural justice (e) mala fide (f) biased along caste lines, and most importantly, (g) intended to shield Justice SK Kaul who is about to be elevated to the Supreme Court. Karnan's reply -- like Arundhat Roy's defiant reply in 2001 -- is almost certain to be held as contemptuous by Supreme Court.

In his earlier letter dated 23rd January, 2017, Justice CS Karnan furnished the prime minister with "an initial list of corrupt judges", and in addition, three other officers of Madras High Court, who he implied had detailed knowledge and proof of corrupt acts of the 20 judges listed. Justice Karnan asked for the judges, including some retired judges, to be "interrogated by the officers of the Central Agencies".

The nation is keenly watching this case to decide whether:
    a) Justice Karnan is a judge with impaired mental functioning? If so, what constitutional safeguards exist to prevent him from heavily damaging the reputation and function of the higher judiciary? OR
    b) Or Justice Karnan is a whistleblower revealing rampant corruption? And if so, what constitutional mechanisms do we have to conduct proper investigation against the 20 judges he has named?
Krishnaraj Rao


  1. I am a lawyer and appeared in many cases in supreme court and numerous high court, but i can easily sense the smell of biasedness in judicial system.He is actually a whitle blower but dont know how he will succeed by standing alone as a CELL from the entire judicial ORGAN of constitutuon. When other ORGANS of the INDIAN body is also in corruption.


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