Justice Karnan lists 20 Corrupt Judges in open letter to PM

Mumbai, 27th January, 2017: Justice Chinnasamy Swaminathan Karnan of Culcutta High Court and formerly of Madras High Court, wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging him to take action against "high corruption at the judiciary". In his letter dated 23rd January, 2017, Justice CS Karnan furnished the prime minister with "an initial list of corrupt judges", and in addition, three other officers of Madras High Court, who he implied had detailed knowledge and proof of the corrupt acts of the 20 judges. Justice Karnan asked for all these persons to be "interrogated by the officers of the Central Agencies" – probably referring to Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).
Justice CS Karnan's recent writings and actions have confronted India with huge questions and challenges, namely:
    a) Is Justice CS Karnan a judge a nutcase – a man with impaired mental functioning? If so, what constitutional safeguards does the nation have to remove him, to prevent him from damaging the reputation and function of the higher judiciary?
    b) Alternatively, is Justice CS Karnan a whistleblower revealing rampant corruption in Madras High Court and Supreme Court? If so, what constitutional mechanisms does India have to conduct proper investigation of his allegations?
Read Justice CS Karnan's letter to the Prime Minister below:

The judges named in this letter are mostly Justice Karnan's former colleagues, namely:
  1. Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul, Chief Justice of Madras High Court and earlier, Punjab and Haryana High Court
  2. Justice S Manikumar of Madras High Court
  3. Justice V Ramasubramanian of Madras High Court
  4. Justice (Retd) Chitra Venkataraman of Madras High Court
  5. Justice (Retd) RS Ramanathan of Madras High Court
  6. Justice RK Agrawal of Supreme Court
  7. Justice TS Thakur, who recently retired as Chief Justice of India
  8. Justice MY Eqbal (Retd), former Chief Justice of Madras High Court and Supreme Court judge
  9. Justice (Retd) FM Ibrahim Kalifulla of Supreme Court
  10. Justice (Retd) Satish Agnihotri of Madras High Court
  11. Justice (Retd) Elipe Dharma Rao of Madras High Court
  12. Justice (Retd) KN Basha of Madras High Court
  13. Justice (Retd) G M Akbar Ali of Madras High Court
  14. Justice (Retd) Aruna Jagadeesan of Madras High Court
  15. Justice V Dhanapalan of Madras High Court, with whom CS Karnan had a public quarrel.
  16. Justice MM Sundresh of Madras High Court
  17. Justice N Kirubakaran of Madras High Court
  18. Justice S Nagamuthu of Madras High Court
  19. Justice T Raja of Madras High Court
  20. Justice M Sathyanarayan of Madras High Court
So, in the light of this letter, let us consider whether Karnan is a raving nutcase that the judiciary is unable to rid itself of. Is justice Karnan a living proof of the fact that there is almost no way of getting rid of a bad or incompetent judge?
Or is Karnan a whistleblower exposing the corruption of Indian judiciary, and deserving of the respect and gratitude of all Indian citizens? And therefore, is he a living proof of the fact that even a High Court judge cannot bring corrupt judges to justice? 
The jury is still out on that one.
Krishnaraj Rao


  1. it is known to we all but who tie bell to Cat? is a Q mark.

  2. Now, the Judiciary will give contempt notice to Sh. Justice Chinnasamy Swaminathan Karnan for disclosing truth in public..............

  3. we r experiencing the WP-8508 @ Bombay HC since 2003 and now running 2017 a merritless case to time pass till maturity of redevelopment of the society plot is a peredetermined case

  4. TO suggest only two alternatives is not all, as there may always more versions, his version, my version and true version.
    Here both the versions appear to be correct but other versions are also required to be explored i.e. is he a earnest whistle blower though he may be a raving nutcase, or is out to mislead the things, or may be mounting pressure to close the things, as in the past he had himself stayed his proposed transfer purportedly exercising Jusicial powers and had threatened CJI with lodging FIR under SC/ST act also.

  5. We need jury system where there is jury of citizens selected randomly from voter list to give the judgement
    Say a jury of 50 to 500 persons can be formed according to case
    And judgement will be given by majority
    America has jury system so there in america justice is fast
    And to bribe one person is easy but to bribe 50 to 500 persons is extremely difficult almost impossible

    1. I don't agree that bribing 50 to 500 person's is extremely difficult. Our election system is an example. This system will not work in our country. People are the first hand to initiate corruption.

  6. Whether right or wrong better to investigate to find its veracity

  7. I have read Thakur's name in a list of judges who had been favoured by the Govt of Karanataka while alloting plots meant for court staff!

  8. Corruption in judiciary is not a new thing... It had been a long prevailant practice in lower courts to apex courts.

    Here, by my statement from lower courts to apex courts means not only judges but most of their staff member.

    I have experience and keen observation of MP High Courts at Jabalpur, Gwalior and Delhi High Courts wherein corruption.

    Corruption in Selection of even civil judge are not hiden,it is observed by Courts during hearing....

  9. It is nothing but "Chirac tale andhera".but nothing will happen to all such people in this impotent and politically divided corrupt system.It is very sorrow affair that country like India is bereft of political integrity at least in matters of justice and national interest.

  10. It is nothing but "Chirac tale andhera".but nothing will happen to all such people in this impotent and politically divided corrupt system.It is very sorrow affair that country like India is bereft of political integrity at least in matters of justice and national interest.

  11. It is an open secret in Indian judiciary that nobody can become a High court and Supreme court judge without a n all mix powerful lobby containing a political, corruption and judiciary pull to the incumbent.

  12. Where P M on questions how and what action he can take .

  13. This is case of what happen white backward class Judge

  14. अब तो गेंद मोदीजी के पाले में.... जज का अपराधी बनना हमारे लिए न्याय का मार्ग प्रशस्त करेगा? हम न्याय के लिए ठोकर खाते फिरें और जज.............!!??

  15. Desirable by mass that Modiji attaches his next preference of a bold action to mend Indian judiciary as he did boldly (whether successful or not) in case of his recent Demonetization action with an intent to curb black money

  16. Yeh news mai nahi aaraha sab bike hue hai bkl

  17. Sir, your questions are valid. However, the raised question is "Are there inapt judges and justices for various reasons and how or why not remove/did continue in govt job as judges?"

    What is to set this process for India and why not?

    I have an issue here on appointment and impeachment of Justice. The opaque process recommends and President appoints but for removal judge is to be impeached by legislators? How come the office appointed can't fire him but the comber some process is put in place with and in hands of who are politicians.

    Also, justices are not God but human so what effective and practical process you suggest for honest and judges of integrity to remain in GoI employment and other kind gotten rid of!


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