Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Poem -- Nostalgia

I have passed this way before
And nostalgia grips me now
Asks me to seek out old haunts
Revisit old friends
Peer into unknown faces
Gaze into their eyes for a mark of familiarity
Perchance to say, or to hear,
I know you, although you
Have forgotten me.
We have met before
And loved
When you were someone else
And I had a different face…

And this, my long-lost friend…
This is where you sorrowed
For your many losses
And we shed our tears with you, for you.

See these trees that have grown so tall
Indifferent to your existence or mine…
We watered them together
In a bygone age
When they were saplings.
By giving them our tears
We gave them life.

And these stone walls still echo
Our whispers, our laughter
Yours and mine.
The dusty silences still hold
Our memories frozen in time
Although you have forgotten.”

Memories that are not quite memories
But only a place in the mind where memories used to live…
Deserted, yet not quite deserted
Empty, yet not quite empty
Silent, yet not quite so…

Yes, I know that the past has
No more meaning left in it
Than an empty husk.

And the future is but a promise
That each day, each moment, makes
As it goes by.

Yes, I know that the present moment
Is all there is to life.

But how shall I tell that to my mind
Which searches for meaning in the past and the future
So much that it lets the present moment
Slip through unnoticed
As though it barely exists?

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