Thursday, 23 June 2016

Erotic poem: The Song of the Night

It is like a song that is sung in the dark.
Her voice, rising, falling, rising higher
Like waves, like the sea
And his low voice as he urges her on.

He delights in her cries,
And she...
She delights in herself, in free-falling
Away from herself
Into herself
Hurtling backwards in the soft darkness
Towards herself, arms and legs outspread.

And she cries out in longing and the
Joy of meeting
And he responds to her song
With his rhythm,
Causing the waves in her belly,
In her entire being.

Waves that collapse upon themselves
In a froth of pleasure
And a high note through clenched teeth that trails
Into silence
And makes itself one with the night.

Naked limbs softly twine and intertwine all night
Warm brown flesh caressing luxurious cool white flesh
Now in sleep, now in wakefulness...
Silken smoothness pressed against creamy softness
Dripping pleasure slowly like a burning candle all night
Melting down but not quite going out before dawn.

The song continues to play in the silence
And never quite becomes silence
Even as their eyes meet
And the morning's first words are spoken.

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