Saturday, 25 June 2016

Erotic & Spiritual Poem: Heaven can wait

Pressing my need into yours
I gaze into your eyes
Searching in their depths for an answer: a look that says,
"Yes... you are deeply mine. We are One."

But your eyes smile, and say instead,
"This moment is ours. Journey on."
And our limbs and our fingers intertwine comfortingly.

Heaven is within us, palpable
within the rhythm of our fluid molten flesh
poised like an ocean wave about to break,
waiting to descend like
a thunderclap,
a cry of migratory birds,
a foretaste of eternal sleep.

I have but to close my eyes,
match my rhythm,
submit to its oceanic will,
let it take me,
crush me
into myself
into itself
into nothingness
into allness.

It is a breath waiting to be drawn.
But I...
I will not

I gaze into your open eyes
waiting for a fleeting affirmation
of Oneness.

I sense the moment
slipping away
from us.
Your lids grow heavy,
breathing quickens.
A sigh, gasp, shudder.
Molten flesh releases its heat.
You ascend
to your own
private heaven.

I gaze upon your ecstacy-creased brow,
as it slowly relaxes, grows placid,
And I release the rhythm
that could have given me
my own release.

the answer that I sought
is no longer there now.

Heaven can wait for me.
Heaven must wait.
There are worthier things on earth than in heaven.

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