Bhagtani Sapphire Consent Terms signed: good or bad omen for victims?

Mumbai, 6th July, 2018: When the Sapphire Welfare Association (SWA) enrolled members and filed its Civil Suit/Plaint in Bombay High Court in a rush-rush hush-hush manner, the victims of Bhagtani Sapphire were split into two groups: (1) those who believed that their intent was genuinely to help the victims and (2) those who believed that their intent was to help the Bhagtanis get their criminal cases quashed, by giving the victims a lollipop. 

My personal belief (based on my one year's experience of how Bhagtani's stooges manipulate people's minds through Whatsapp groups) is that the intention was solely to help Bhagtanis to come out of their legal troubles. I believe that gullible victims were drawn into the association by showing them them false hopes and dreams. And I believe that the consent terms signed between Bhagtani and SWA on 26th July, based on which the plaint before Bombay High Court was withdrawn, is fraudulent.  Through these consent terms, Bhagtani's stooges have tricked and exploited about 140 victims once again. 

Victims who agree that they are being cheated through these consent terms should come together in the rival association (Dahisar Sapphire Flat Owners Welfare Association) and take steps immediately to oppose these consent terms. 

Even those who are currently members of SWA but feel cheated by their leaders, should join this association and fight for their rights. 

Don't believe those who tell you that there is no legal remedy for these consent terms. Don't be convinced by those who tell you that these consent terms are "full and final". There are always some legal remedies and appeals available, if you act in a timely way. Never accept defeat prematurely!

Carefully read the plaint and consent terms, and decide for yourselves whether the settlement is a genuine one, or whether the Sapphire victims got cheated. Also understand the legal weak points of these consent terms. (Just because it cursorily passed under the nose of Justice SJ Kathawala does not make it a perfect, sacrosanct document! Even if the good judge thought it suspicious, he had no grounds to reject it because Miya bibi raazi toh kya karega kaazi? Since the complainant association and the defendant had signed the consent terms, and there were no intervenors present to raise objections, how could any judge stop it from going through?)

SWA's Notice of Motion:

SWA's  Civil Suit:

Bombay High Court order dated 28th June:

Consent Terms:

In another article, we will analyse the pros and cons of the consent terms. In the meantime, please read, think and understand what has just happened. 

The proceedings and consent terms of Sapphire should serve a warning to Bhagtani victims of other projects like Riyo, Serenity and Savannah -- especially those who unthinkingly join associations floated by Bhagtani's stooges. Please try and understand how easily you can be misled in the name of "unity", "proactive action" and "civil suit". Kindly introspect and start course-correction.

Krishnaraj Rao


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