Great escape for Bhagtani builders, lollipops for flat-buyers in Sapphire consent terms

Mumbai, 7th July, 2018: I wrote an article yesterday disclosing the consent terms signed by Sapphire Welfare Association (SWA) with Bhagtani bulders. *(In case you haven't read it, click here and read it first.) Until we got our hands on these consent terms two days ago and placed it in the public domain, it was a closely guarded secret. 

If consent terms is a straightforward deal, why didn't SWA announce their achievement immediately? Why were there only cryptic references such as "It is time to buy the mithai, but don't distribute it". Why keep it secret? The reason is: the consent terms are a great escape for Bhagtanis. They seek to give a clean chit and easy exit from the Sapphire cases to the absconding builders.

Obvious issues in the consent terms:

1) If fugitives evading Indian judiciary sign an agreement in India through their power-of-attorney, what is its legal validity?  The consent terms signed by Diipesh Bhagtani in jail, on behalf of Jaycee Construction Co, a partnership firm that includes Mukesh and Lakshman Bhagtani, is legally questionable. Can the Indian judiciary bless an agreement with a partnership firm where majority of partners are fugitive economic offenders, hiding in a foreign country while being wanted by Indian law enforcement agencies? Does the law allow absconders to enter into fresh contracts through a power-of-attorney? And that too in respect of police investigations in the same project for which they are absconding? That doesn't sound right. 

2) In return for consent terms, it is ok to withdraw the suit petition; but why withdraw the FIR? SWA's suit petition in High Court had nothing to do with FIR no 507 of 2017, or the cases under Negotiable Instruments Act for cheque bouncing. SWA did not file these cases; in fact, SWA was not even formed when these cases were filed. The suit petition is a "civil remedy", whereas FIR is a "criminal remedy". It is not within the domain of SWA to use withdrawal of these cases as a bargaining counter to negotiate any terms with Bhagtanis.

3) Unfair trade: you give Bhagtani actual deliverables, they give you promises. According to the consent terms, you will give Bhagtanis immediate deliverables, and in return, they will give you promises of future performance -- promises that are difficult to legally enforce, promises that are easily broken. This pattern has been repeated many times: First you gave them lakhs of rupees, and they gave you a promise of refunding it with 15% interest, and then you waited for some years before discovering that they had broken the promise. Then you went back to them, they replaced the earlier promise with a new promise but they took something more in return (e.g. you agreed to write off the interest plus paid them a few lakhs extra, and in return, they promised to transfer your principal amount to Horizon, Shubh Atika, Serena, after some weeks or months.) AFTER EVERY BROKEN DEAL, YOU HELPLESSLY GO AND ACCEPT A NEW DEAL FOR RECOVERING YOUR LOSS. A KEY FEATURE OF EVERY NEW DEAL IS THAT YOU INCUR FRESH LOSSES! The consent terms have the same pattern. SWA has committed to giving what that Bhagtanis badly need immediately, i.e. withdrawal of FIR and cheque-bouncing cases. In return, Bhagtanis have promised to transfer the title over the potential SRA project land. In fact, the consent terms are similar to the deal struck by Jadugar Diipesh at the amazing Rang Sharda meeting of 16th December 2017, which people later rejected, thereby sending the jadugar to jail.

4) Only SWA can go to court against non-fulfillment of consent terms; not you, the flat-buyer. SWA is controlled by people close to Bhagtanis; so, how will you, Sapphire allottees, force SWA to go to court if you are aggrieved? Even if you are members of the association, you can't force the office-bearers to sue Bhagtanis for non-performance of their side of the deal. So, the consent terms renders you, the Sapphire flat-buyer, completely powerless.

5) SRA slumdwellers are not members of SWA. Bhagtanis are promising to execute the deed of conveyance for the SRA project land in favour of SWA, and then SWA is supposed to take the SRA project forward by inviting bids from other builders. The big questions arising from this are: (a) As the slumdwellers are not signatories to these consent terms, they are not bound by it in any manner. Nobody knows what agreements Bhagtanis have entered with the slumdwellers' association or cooperative society, and what promises Bhagtanis have given to the slumdwellers in return for their consent. On what basis will SWA invite the bids? SWA cannot represent the slumdwellers, who are a necessary party. And the new bidders will not consent to be bound by Bhagtanis possibly-unrealistic promises to the slumdwellers. If Bhagtanis promised slumdwellers the moon and stars, the new builder will not be bound to fulfill those promises. Therefore, there is every likelihood that the whole deal will collapse.

6) All Sapphire allottees are not equal; how to give them justice if Bhagtani is allowed to exit Sapphire project? Some allottees have paid relatively small amounts  to Bhagtanis e.g. Rs 10 lakh, while others  have paid huge amounts, e.g. Rs 90 lakh. In a hypothetical scenario, if a new builder agrees to construct a small flat costing Rs 1 crore for every Sapphire allottee, he can easily do it for allottees who have paid Rs 10 lakhs, because he can demand Rs 90 lakh from them to cover the construction costs and maybe make a small profit. But the new builder will be unwilling to give the same flats to those who had paid Rs 90 lakh to Bhagtani, because he can demand only Rs 10 lakh from them. So, those who have a greater claim will suffer discrimination under SWA's consent terms, whereas those whose claim is the least (e.g. Mr Sambit Roy's Rs 11,000/-) would benefit the most. This arithmetic is also another factor why a satisfactory deal with any new bidder-builder is not doable.

There are many more legal issues with the consent terms -- so many, in fact, that it would be relatively easy to challenge the consent terms in court and have them declared as unenforceable and bad-in-law. 

It appears evident that the main intention in floating this association and filing this suit petition is not to solve the problems of flat-buyers, but to give Bhagtani builders a clean chit and easy exit from the Sapphire project and the civil and criminal liabilities arising from it.

The way forward for Sapphire victims is to seek proper legal advice and take timely legal steps to have the consent terms nullified. Your first step should be to prevent quashing of Sapphire FIR by High Court. Please file a caveat in High Court that if a quashing petition is moved, you should be heard before disposal of the matter.

Krishnaraj Rao

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  1. Sambit roy is not even a buyer in Sapphire. The amount of Mr Sambit Roy's Rs 11,000/- is in the Riyo project

    1. Dis is disgusting, rubbish. Don't believe this actually Dis are the bhagtanis people who misguiding people who are fighting for der hard earn money.

  2. Sambit roy is not even a buyer in Sapphire. The amount of Mr Sambit Roy's Rs 11,000/- is in the Riyo project

    1. It is all rubbish.sambit is a genuine buyer and I challenge you to prove your point. Or else I will give you his flat notes and amt but you should tender public apology for tarnishing anyone's name with false info.

  3. I payed 7,00,000 in Bhaktani Rio in Mira road

    1. My friend please joined RIo association you will get solution. Here by writing no solution only critique

  4. I am a part of this SWA and this blog is a fake, baseless and rumors one and the contents written therein trying to tarnish image of SWA which will not be tolerated anymore and if this is continues then we will be constrain to fie case of defamation to which pls take a serious note.

  5. This is a fake news blog being published and circulated in public domain as I am being a part of this SWA strongly condemn and warn not to tarnish and malign image of SWA else we will be constrain to file defamation case to which take a serious note.

    1. Why be the Unknown then?
      Be the known and have a name please
      People who are unknown don't inspire confidence

  6. I sambit roy totally condemn this false news published by this blogger who's job is to blackmail people by tarnishing image of people like us who work for the benefit of innocent people . I warn this blogger to immediately remove my name from his blog other wise I'll be restrained to file a defamation case against Mr.Krishna Raj and as well as people who are supporting this false and negative blogs where my name is appearing

  7. Mr.anil don't try to alligate somebody's reputation without knowing facts because it looks you know which project I've invested rather than me myself knowing . Next time before writing anything get your facts cleared . If this further continues ill be forced to file a defamation case against you for spoiling my image and reputation .

  8. One questions which always come to my mind is why so many builders had filed cases against Krishna Raj. Are you a Flat buyers in all these cases.

    This sound very funny, Have you ever heard from anyone that Builders file cases against you because you are Flat buyer.

    Assume that you are a flat buyer in all cases, if you have so much of invested money then why you requested people to give you money.

    If he is not a Flat buyer then who are you.(Mentally sick person or Blackmail). Why would builder file cases against you.

    Based on blog, Mr Krishna Raj (content copied from his description -->
    using my journalism skills and domain knowledge for public good ).

    What is domain knowledge you refer too
    a) Builders file cases against you
    b) You undirectly showing disrespect to High count & respected Judge SJ Kathawala.
    c) Everyone is wrong & you are right
    d) Mentally sick or Black Mailer

    This all is fake, Blogger is using this to earn for his living & is not doing anything for charity or public good or interest of Bhagtani flat buyers.

    WHOAMI - I am investor in Bhagtani Sapphire, Trying to get my hard earning back from Bhagtani in form or flat or money. Before there was no hope of getting principal back, but now aleast we got something then nothing.

  9. Unlike other all investors I am also a genuine investor.
    To protect every investor of the project, some are presently members of SWA and some are yet not, the members came together and took steps to protect their interest.
    Infact, this blogger is not even an investor in any of Bhagtanis project but seems to act on behalf of sapphire members so how will he understand the sufferings of the investors of the project.
    Only investors of the project will understand what they are suffering and therefore to protect the land and the project, investors came together and took a step in well-being and benefit of all. Atleast by taking this land in hand we have for the time being got something in hand and after development will get our everything in hand.

    Boss krishna Rao atleast once again look at ur name and remember saying of Lord Krishna who said "जीवन मे जब मौका मिले तो सारथी बनो स्वार्थी नहीं"

  10. Mr k raj don't spoil the image if swa as it's a registered association with 140 members & u r just a blogger so don't write anything without having any knowledge of our association. If u continue this then our association will be forced to file a defamation case against I& others who wil support ur blog against us.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I am a absolute genuine flat buyers at Saphaire like others genuine flat buyers not like Krisna Raj who officially doesn't have any rights in this project but ready to become Masiha by manipulating innocent buyers mind talking negative about saphaire welfare association & about their office bearers. SWA is a body for Saphsire project effected people & fighting for all effected people of this project but who the helll r u to write negative about our association. Careful next time otherwise SWA will take u to court..

  13. Mr blogger friend do you have any solution for our money or flat. Please advise.

    I am seeing you always critically writing but no solution. I can see swa has done something by which we got hope that we will atleast something. By sea action we aren’t became owner of land sir. I have now more confident of greeting flat. I am also viewed that you don’t have proper intention at large to get money or flat. My eow or k raj followers please united at one roof we will find solutions.

    Swa made us belief from nothing to something. Followers are against whom I don’t know.

    Mr blogger you have don’t have any emotions how much pain facing of loosing money. Swa I salute you that because of your action we are going to get land in Mumbai.. thank your swa salute to all of you.

    I hate bloggers whose interest is not solution but keep name live or in news

    1. Yes I have written about solutions in the past, specific to projects such as Serenity. The solution for Sapphire is to enable and empower the EOW to carry out thorough investigations into the bank accounts of Jaycee Constructions Co, so that the mystery of Bhagtani's disappearing money is solved.

      Giving Bhagtani freedom from the FIR and investigation is definitely not the solution.

    2. Thanks for this solution but as per my experience no way FIR gives me money back or flat. I think my kids will have money after I die by your method.

      My friend my request to you please you fight for fir and sending him jail. I and we need flat so please. There other project also you can continue for fight there. Swa has given as land which will have some result. Please excuse us.

    3. My friend blogger do u believe we all 140 plus members are kid and they have joined forcefully or what. We all knows what have we done and how we have done. It is with all our acceptance gone to high court and relust seen. Last two plus years no results in your solutions. We know our interest my friend humble request pls excuse us

    4. Kalpesh Bhai - Krishna Raj is mentally very sick.
      One side he says follow EOW path & on other side he write blog says EOW is not doing job correctly.

      How much money did EOW recovered and distributed to Flat owner so far & how much money you got from this?

      God - Please help Krishna Raj to recover from sickness.
      As he is helping Flat Buyers for PUBLIC GOOD.

    5. Bhagyeshbhai Krishnaraj should accept our challenge and come todebate on a common platform instead of instigating people from behind he should have the guts of a MARD.He is openly telling to file defamation case knowing that it will take years to be come for hearing and in the meanwhile this so called Messiah will do the complete damage.

  14. Mr. Blogger, it seems you have some vested interest and that's why you are misleading all. Remember, I m s genuine buyer and have been cheated by Bhagtani. However, with great efforts of SWA core members, we are able to see some hope. Hence, request you not to interfere in our matters without knowing even the most basic information.

  15. Mr. Blogger, We invested in 2011 and over the years nothing moved, now when something positive is happening, this unwanted blog of your, we are SWA and are aware of all happenings and you have not said anything new except joining your group, thanks but no thanks.... A Sapphire affected buyer

    Anyone not SWA Member and reading this post but an affected buyer do join us, thanks

  16. This blogging is done not as whistle blower but to earn money. The blogger (Krishnaraj ) has subscribed as a publisher with google ad service and gets income on every page viewed as well as on every click converted. It would have been nice if the blogger would have shown light to public rather then unnecessarily whistle blowing and creating unethical panic. This is actual secret and there is nothing like whistle blower. You are creating panic so that you can get mileage and income from advertisement published on your page. You kept this as a big secret under the carpet and is a bigger fraud then builder communty.
    Read further for more detailed article analysis with reference to your article
    We all at SWA object your concerns since the CONSENT TERMS were clearly discussed in SWA members meeting held in first half of June 2018.
    "Why your article is referring an old judgement copy and not the actual disposal order copy of judgement is this how you are misleading genuine people by showing partial picture and creating panic "
    Point 1
    " This question itself indicates that you are not clear about legal meaning of Power of Attorney? Pitty on your domain knowledge related to indian judiciary "

    For point 1 can you support your objection with Indian judiciary section where this is illegal in case you have any domain knowledge.

    Point 2
    "Reference to point 2
    I will suggest you to read 13 and 14 number point of consent terms it is clearly mentioning memebers of association will withdraw. This term was been discussed at length in SWA meeting and association memebrs have understood and agreed.
    "Reference to point 3"
    What exactly are you trying to finger point ? Builder has broken the promise and this is the reason why it is association that has taken task in the hand. Your point has not given any solution "

    "Reference to point 4"
    Only SWA can go to court against non-fulfillment of consent terms:- If buyers wanted to file a suit they would have done in last 6 years. There was no need of association. This clearly indicates you want to break the unity of association your writing skill is nothing other then britishers era "DIVIDE and RULE/FOOL"

    "Reference to point 5"
    Here your concern is related to slum dwellers. SWA is buyers association and not Bhagtani land deals association. Your this point shows immaturity. You are smart to get SWA secret CONSENT TERMS suit details but at the same
    time you are playing dirty politics of saying dont know what is promised by Bhagtani to slum dweller agreement. You are trying to play dirty politics by adding spice to your so called writing skills.

    "Reference to point 6"
    Why are you so much worried about a builder. Current builder is definitely doing nothing. Current builders economical condition legally is in minus so no recovery is possible too. I hope you must have studied maths/economics in your life and must be able to understand law of averaging. New builder will decide and take call. This point is also nothing more then a TADKA with no light at the tunnel. It is surprising that you know a buyers name Sambit and also the amount he has invested in the project which is as low as 11,000/=. Nobody will believe that a builder will book a flat valuing approx Half crore for only 11,000/=. I smell some RAT when you are individually targeting to DEFAME some body. If you have got so many document from court why are you hiding the fact that in a affidavit builder himself have agreed Sambit Roy as one of the prominent buyer equally like others. You are gaining by hiding information with public and trying to create reckless insecurity. In the same affidavit your name was no where.

    Finally caveat is a logical step which association will take care as and when required for everybody's benefit.

    1. You say: "The blogger (Krishnaraj ) has subscribed as a publisher with google ad service and gets income on every page viewed as well as on every click converted."

      My response: My friend, my blog posts about Bhagtani can only get a few hundreds or at best a couple of thousand clicks. For me to get paid for Google ads, the readership has to be in lakhs. I have never received even one single payment from Google till date.

      As for Sambit Roy's credentials as a buyer, I am not the one saying this. Diipesh Bhagtani's affidavit to High Court cites this figure. You can download the affidavit from this link -- -- and read Sambit Roy's name at serial no. 427 on page 13 in the list of Riyo-1 buyers. The figure in front of his name is Rs 11,185/-

      I appreciate that you have applied your mind to my blog post in a pointwise way. I will try to answer all your other points to your satisfaction, in a separate post.

      Nobody can be convinced against his will. But I will try to put my points across in a lucid way, and try to convince you and your colleagues of the truthfulness of my statements.


    2. Your response is itself contradicting. In your article you said Sambit has invested 11,000/= in Sapphire and Consent Terms of Sapphire is beneficial to Sambit. Now you are proving he has invested in Riyo with advance 11,000/=. What exactly are you trying to prove. I hope you know what you are responding and covering in your articles. Your both the statements are contradictory. I will wait to respond on your new article.

    3. Hi Manish. In my article, I wrote loosely that Sambit Roy had invested only Rs 11,000/-. I was not being specific. And then, in response to your comment, I corrected myself. Sambit Roy has invested only Rs 11,185 as per Diipesh Bhagtani's affidavit. There is no contradiction; only a slight fuzziness in my earlier article, which I corrected in my comment. So, thank you for giving me this opportunity to correct myself.

    4. So you accept the fact that you write your articles loosely. Even after mentioning an individual name with an amount you are saying you were not specific.
      Your intention appears to be very clear of misguiding people why you didn't refer the latest affidavits filed by builders indicating Sambit's name and advance amount.
      This clearly indicates your intentions are not clean.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Can you also thru some light why there is a defamation case against you in high court with below details.
      Lodging No.:- SL/840/2018 Filing Date:- 27/06/2018.
      Are you a habitual defamer?

  17. Mr Krishnaraj why is your group constantly worried that Mr Sambit is a genuine buyer or not?Does the same question not apply to you.?
    Instead of finding fault in SWA please introspect what are your achievements?
    Just by putting builders behind bar and trying to search money which is non existent in all Bhagatani's a/c
    you are only killing time and extorting money from your followers who have fallen to the trap that you have laid for them . Instead of finding fault in SWA and judiciary probably which is threatening to demolish your pack of lies and concocted stories. Let the already cheated investors get their money through SWA as you being only a blackmailer have not business to interfere in our activities.
    Nevertheless you if consider yourself of any worth to investors I challenge you come on a common open platform for a debate with true facts or else stay from us.

    1. Sure, let us have a meeting and argue it out at an open platform as you propose. If book a hall on any Sunday and let me know a week in advance, I will gladly participate in this exercise.

      Warm Regards,

  18. Mr. KR, You seem to be a chauvinist and motivated by negative publicity. What domain knowledge you have on how EOW functions? Since 2015, there are hundreds of cases of financial scams registered with EOW, Mumbai. According to a RTI request, here are the facts:
    In 2015, 105 cases were registered with the EOW. The number was at 119 in 2016, and in 2017, it was 109. Out of which, 73 cases of 2015 remain under investigation. As many as 103 from 2016 and 107 cases from 2017 are still under investigation.

    The total amount involved in cases for last three years are: Rs 5,560 crore in 2015, Rs 4,273 crore in 2016, and in 2017, it is 9,835 crore. In all, it is a whopping Rs 19,668 crore in three years. However, the refund investors have received from EOW stands at an abysmal Rs 2.5 crore among 74 investors.

    With the above facts and figures, what we will get by empowering EOW and how do we expect a relief for Sapphire investors from EOW with your thoughtless solution?

    I advise you to focus on your profession and don’t think much on how a common man is affected as actions speak louder than words. SWA has acted on this project and you are only interested in criticising others efforts so in simple words SHUT UP!

    1. I agree that EOW has huge shortcomings, as does the entire police force. That said, you have to utilize it for what it is worth.

    2. I have fought 3 legal cases in court of law and I very well know how system works. The recourse will be only and only through SWA consent terms.


  19. Mr blogger friend do you have any solution for our money or flat. Please advise.

    I am a part of this SWA and this blog is a fake, baseless and rumors one and the contents written therein trying to tarnish image of SWA which will not be tolerated anymore and if this is continues then we will be constrain to file case of defamation to which pls take a serious note.

  20. Mr. K.R., I m also one of the investors in sapphire. I clearly see your blog as something which is motivated by negative energy and vested interest. I have seen your earlier posts too. You seem to have problem with everything without even being a party to the matter. You disguise yourself as somebody working in public interest but let me tell you that we all SWA members are aware that you want to earn money out of such situation. I suggest you be out of this.

  21. Mr. K.R. by doing nothing for years for all investors and now going against something positive happening in favour of investors, it is proved that you have malafide intentions...Now, you be aware we, as a legal association can also legally go against you...

  22. MR. K RAJ Your allegations against SWA are incorrect. We all 140 SWA members are sure about one thing that we are going to get our hard earned money back Because of SWA. This blog is direct Threat to that. Please stop bad publicity of SWA. Stop spreading rumours. Somebody must have paid you write this.

  23. Mr. Krishnaraj,

    I read your article, you are saying that high court decision is wrong, you are saying SWA association action is not correct ?
    Now lets discuss our earlier actions taken based on your & other so called super honest leaders. We have invested in 2012 & now in 2018 (its 6 year quite long time in any one life) We have been advised to do:-
    2. FIR
    3. Civil suits
    4. EOW comolain
    5. Complain to PMO
    6. Twittering
    7. WhatsApp war
    8. Denied solution given by builder in rangsharda to give 6 month time, we all agreed in meeting but lator on wall out becuase of your advise.
    We have done everything........
    Let me know any single positive result for all these. We lost further money by paying heavy fee to Advocates & others.

    In your blog you were asking where builder money has gone. I have given some proof also but no action taken

    Please do let us know with your free advise who has get any single rupees in any project. We are common people & don,t have courage to fight Indian Judiciary for 20-30years. We file case in EOW 18 month back but nothing has moved yet after rang sharda. Even few people in EOW also advising now people to join SWA group for solution. Before this decision we were at ground Zero & our entire money was as bad debt today atleast we have atleast assured security of 40-50% of our payment. It may further increased if all sapphire investor will be united & cooperative. This is our some brothers weakness in other group thay want to see everything with the eye of only doubt. I pray only for one thing keep your doubt aside, come out of FB, WhatsApp, twitter & see the work on ground level with neutral advocates or expert in this field.
    Even if we buy Mr.Krishnaraj argument than please advise what is other assurance alternative available to us. Today some people are saying construction is not possible on this plot than i will ask to all such investors brothers, 'common' you have invested for flat only on this land & construction was possible that's reason builder has sold it to us. Yesterday property owned by Bhagtani but today it is owned by SWA only hence though we are not flat owner but we are land owner of this land.

    We can always not keep crying that builder has not given us the flat. With high court decision today again we have opportunity to either get back our flat or refund. I request Mr Krishnaraj to not to play blame game devide game. We are all 140 member and we are stand behind our core Comeetee. Please don, t play with our emotions & hard earned money. We have invested our life saving in it. None of your advise have any positive solution. Be practical we are leaving in India & here getting a justice is nightmare. We have to change our destiny by our own.


  24. High Court के इस फैसले से एक बात बिल्कुल साफ हो जाती है कि अपने swa के 140 members के अलावा जिसको (only sapphire investor) भी suit property में से अपना घर या पैसा चाहिए वो swa का मेंबर बनेगा और जिसको सिर्फ bhagtani से अपना पैसा या घर चाहिए वो Bhagtani के पीछे भागे और इस बात को कृष्णा Blogger बिल्कुल साफ तरीके से समझ चुका है और वो ये भी समझ गया है कि eow group के लोग आज नही तो कल swa के member बन जाएंगे लिहाज़ा krishna Rao ने फिर से लोगों को बेवकूफ बनाया और अपना आखिरी दांव खेला (पैसे ऐंठने का) और अपने ऊपर चल रहे एक ऐसे केस का हवाला देते हुए लोगो से पैसे की मदद माँग ली जिस केस का sapphire victims or bhagtani victims से कोई लेना देना नही है और यहाँ मजे की बात ये है कि उसको ज़रूरत सिर्फ 17 हज़ार की थी और लोगो ने अब तक उसे 60 हज़ार से भी ज्यादा की मदद कर दी है और करते जा रहे हैं लेकिन ये मसीहा उनको मना नही कर रहा है।

    कहीं से पता चला था कि bhagtani sapphire project में कुछ मूर्खों का भी इन्वेस्टमेंट है लेकिन उनकी actual गिनती नही पता थी लेकिन मसीहा को पेमेंट देने वालों की गिनती पूरी होते ही पता चल जाएगा कि इस प्रोजेक्ट में कितने मूर्ख हैं।

  25. Krishna raj, the verdict has been given by the hi high court and backed by a senior judge for whom i have the utmost respect. You are indicating that the court has not done its due diligence and without any thought is helping the SWA group which is disrespectful, baseless and in simple words very stupid. Please invest your energy in trying to help the Bhagtani victims instead of taking people for a ride.

  26. It's very disgusting that Krishna Rao u r pointing finger at prudence of Justice kathawala who gave legal nod in favour of SWA because u r afraid that ur follower will ask questions about what u have done for them so far , u r afraid of losing ur follower with a fear that they may join SWA group and shop will be closed.
    Then u decided to extort money in the form of help from ur poor minded blind followers by showing them ur defamation case which has nothing to do with Bhagtani Sapphire victims and in turn showing them that you are doing something good for them by writing such type of non sense blogs against Judicial System and SWA. Why you didn't oppose this case when you people were informed earlier of this case when it was being heard at High Court and moreover for ur kind information we have followed every legal step but you are a layman to judicial process so how you may know what legal process are there. A sick mentality is cured at Sion Hospital at free of cost so better go for ur medical treatment bcoz "रहने दो मुन्ना तुमसे ना हो पाएगा"

    Investors are advised to take up this Consent Terms to any other Advocate not suggested by this blogger but of ur personal choice then you will come to know what exactly this consent terms says.

  27. Association is formed by Genuine Buyers, and we want our money back, that's the only agenda, looks like this blog is controlled by Bhagtani.

  28. Mr Krishna Raj. To cut story short. We as investors want either home or our investment back.

    We as investors followed your path for considerable amount of time. To your and our unfortunate nothing worked.

    Now we are trying one more path under the guidance of our swa team.

    The results are surprising in very short time.

    Hence as a friend I would advise you to join SWA if you are investor if not take back seat and relax and be good listener or observer.

    Probably it will help you going forward in guiding people facing such challenges.

  29. What we got after signing consent term. Just another promise that we will get something. They are champion in giving promises and fooling people.

    What Bhagtanis got. The full escape from the project.

    Even if it works in future it is very costly deal for buyer, and free deal for builder.

    1. This is the problem of u negative people , u all don't want to do any work & expect everything to happen on its own. When SWA has done a tremendous job by grabbing this project land in favour of all investors rather then appreciating that u r writing negative things. What way u can get a single Rs can u explain. It's easy to write something sitting at ur bedroom but very difficult to work in ground level. We d those people who has the guts to see dream& then to fulfil the same work day& night. Today we have something to cherish& from this only we will creat everything which is the dream of all buyers of saphaire project. Don't spread negativity here if u can't do anything then don't demoralise people who r working real hard to achieve this impossible fir people. Restrain otherwise to fulfil ur dreams only path will also close.

    2. By saying even if it works in future means you too hoping of is working in future and it is a good sign rest on cost so let me clear you that we are having rounds of discussions with PMC where we are finding if all comes together then not a single penny would be charged extra on the booking amount.

    3. True. This is difficult path but if all support, we will win.

  30. Mr KR,
    I am one of the flat buyer in sapphire n let me tell you that its my money and i know what i am doing by joining SWA team so plz stop spoiling image of SWA team who are really working hard to achive some result.
    I support SWA.
    You have found good way to get more and more replies and views to your blog but its not appreciated.
    Plz find some another way to make money.

  31. Mr. K Raj, requesting you on behalf of all 140 SWA member, to have face to face meeting in one hall with all our 140 SWA members to discuss and find out solutions to get our hard-earned money in more easiest way and more early than the way we are working.

    1. Please organize such a meeting on any Sunday afternoon, and intimate me 3-4 days in advance. Also, please invite all Sapphire victims, and not only SWA members, so that their views can be known and understood.


  32. Mr k rao are you the flat buyer in Sapphire project.If not than why are you interesting to mind in the battle which SWA fighting with Bhagtanis.If you are the really well whisher to Sapphire's flat buyers, than you have anchorage the SWA'committee members which they achieved in court fight. Not to misguide people those trying to recover there hard earn money.Be careful and avoid these type of practice.

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Mr. Sambit Roy & core members of SWA are working hard to get investors' money of sapphire project back, now if our that moto is going to be served with the help of bhaktanis & court then why to waste time on penalising them. I believe in "Think positive & go ahead". I am strongly in favour of SWA Group.

    1. "with the help of Bhagtanis"?!!! My friend, you are deluding yourself.

  35. Comment @ 3.45 pm is from Pankaj Damji Vora ,


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