What is hidden in Diipesh Bhagtani's "Bikini Affidavits"?

Mumbai, 7th January, 2018: Diipesh Bhagtani's two affidavits are like bikinis -- what they reveal is interesting but what they conceal is crucial. The two bikini affidavits in Bombay High Court are signed by Diipesh Bhagtani alone, in his individual capacity and not as a director of multiple corporate entities. This conceals dozens of important facts and connections. These affidavits give a superficial semblance of truthfulness and transparency, but the only thing that they do is misdirect your attention. Jo dikhta hai woh hai nahin, aur jo hai woh dikhta nahin hai. Got it?

Download and read Diipesh Bhagtani's FIRST affidavit: http://bit.ly/2q37Dw5

This is the affidavit wherein, pursuant to the hearing held on 29th September, Diipesh, "along with other applicants", undertook to deposit Rs 22 crore in six equal installments in six months with the registrar of the high court, towards "settlement of the entire dispute" to be "paid off to the complainants and the other investors". This affidavit contained the condition based on which the three Bhagtanis got interim protection, although the undertaking was given by only Diipesh Bhagtani, without even a power of attorney from his father and brother. It was therefore null and void ab initio. In this affidavit, Diipesh Bhagtani referred to Mukesh, Lakshman and himself as individuals, NOT as directors of any corporate entities. Bhagtanis have collected and siphoned off hundreds of crores of rupees from flat-buyers through their corporate entities, and not in their individual capacities.

Naturally, there was no payment of Rs 22 crore. There was no intention of making such payment. Diipesh Bhagtani dangles money before people like a fish before cats, and he never gives it to them. This is Jadugar Diipesh's standard misdirection technique. With such misdirection, Diipesh has successfully shielded Lakshman and Mukesh Bhagtani; despite the multiple FIRs against them, they have stayed abroad for several months without the EOW and High Court even noticing their absence. They have suffered no legal consequences. With Justice A M Badar's cooperation, the first affidavit was designed to enable the three Bhagtanis to permanently escape the reach of the Indian judiciary. If people had not woken up and raised a timely hue-and-cry that got Badar removed from this case, they would have successfully escaped.

Diipesh Bhagtani has made amazing progress in the last few months of 2017. From dangling fishes in front of people, he has progressed to dangling fishes in front of the judiciary. Diipesh Bhagtani deserves punishment for making a mockery of the judicial processes. However, he also deserves a Padma Bhushan for showing the general public how easy it is to make fools of high court judges!
Download and read Dipesh Bhagtani's SECOND Affidavit: http://bit.ly/2El7ffu

Like the first, the second affidavit was also created to be a getaway vehicle for the Bhagtanis. The key part of this affidavit was the so-called "minutes" of the meeting held on 16th December 2017, based on which Bhagtani made the claim that "I say that in the said meeting the said 970 investors agreed to give time to me to refund the money within a period of six months... by liquidating the assets of the said entities and other assets of the directors/partners". This statement contains multiple layers of lies and deception.

Multiple layers of lies and deception:

1) Did 970 flat-buyers attend the meeting? Unlikely. The actual number may be closer to 500, because the rest of Bhagtani's 2500 victims are either not aware of the cheating that has happened (amazing but true!), or they do not wish to fight in the public arena.

2) Those who attended the meeting were flat-buyers and NOT INVESTORS. If they were investors, people would have access to all the crucial information, and control over decision-making processes regarding the fate of their own money. Unlike investors, Bhagtani's victims have zero information and zero control. Bhagtani's flat-buyers are like mushrooms: he keeps them in the dark and feeds them plenty of bullshit. By calling everybody investors in his affidavit, Diipesh Bhagtani is preparing the ground for telling more lies before the court and also covering up the lies that he has already told.

3) The people who attended the meeting DID NOT AUTHORIZE THEIR ADVOCATES to sign any settlement on their behalf, and therefore, they cannot be said to have "agreed to give time to me to refund the money within a period of six months. 

4) The last part of the sentence -- "by liquidating the ASSETS OF THE SAID ENTITIES and other assets of the directors/partners" -- that is a huge lie.

What does "said entities" refer to? Only three entities viz. JVPD Properties Pvt Ltd, MD Devcon Pvt Ltd and Jaycee Construction Co. The affidavit avoids naming 19 other entities of which Diipesh Bhagtani is a director. It also avoids naming other companies in which Mukesh and Lakshman are either individually or jointly directors.

What is crucial is: the affidavit avoids naming Jaycee Homes Pvt Ltd, which has the lion's share of immovable properties.

A. The 22 companies in which Diipesh Bhagtani is director are:

B. Probably no immovable properties in JVPD Properties Pvt Ltd:

C. Probably no immovable properties in MD Devcon Pvt Ltd:

 D. Probably no immovable properties in Jaycee Construction Pvt Ltd:

E. At least 13 immovable properties in Jaycee Homes Pvt Ltd, not mentioned in Bhagtani's affidavit:  

Are there more lies in Diipesh Bhagtani's affidavits? Yes, there are many layers of lies that we have not pointed out here. Bhagtani's affidavits are so full of lies that it would take the intervenor's counsel at least an hour to point out all of them to the judge. Judges will probably not listen patiently to intervenors' counsel for even five minutes, and that is Diipesh Bhagtani's good fortune. 

Krishnaraj Rao


  1. You are a Gem, Krishna ji.. your eyes are able to see something that neither courts, nor lawyers nor EOW etc are seeing, or want to see ...

  2. U r gr8 in ur work,excellent journalism

  3. Judicial system in shambles. Let's see how shameless can they get


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