Proposal for RTI Activists: Go Political

Mumbai, 31st January, 2018: After RTI Act was enacted in 2005, activists were filled with optimism that the system could be reformed. We believed that MCGM would enforce DC Regulations, Fire Safety norms, etc. if we pointed out violations by builders, hoteliers, contractors, encroachers, slumlords, politicians, etc. 

Sadly, our experiences in the last decade have proven us wrong.


1) Earlier, we believed that INFORMATION COMMISSIONERS, APPELLATE TRIBUNALS & COURTS would uphold us with straightforward interpretations of laws and rules. We were wrong. 

2) Earlier, we believed that the establishment would HONOUR AND PROTECT RTI ACTIVISTS and whistleblowers. We were wrong. People who expose wrongdoings are termed as blackmailers. They are targeted by both sides. 

3) Earlier, we believed that DEEMED CONVEYANCE would give home-owners control over their destinies. We were wrong. It only gives scope for more rampant corruption.

4) Earlier, we believed that RERA Act would solve the problems of the common man. We were wrong. RERA is misinterpreted, twisted and watered-down to suit the builders. 

5) Earlier, we believed that the COOPERATION DEPARTMENT would uphold the law protectors. We were wrong. Government departments are on the side of law-breakers.

6) Earlier, we believed that MOVEMENTS & AGITATIONS like India Against Corruption (IAC) were the answer. We were wrong. The system just waits for us to exhaust ourselves.


A new national political party has been registered, named "Janata Congress". (The name can be seen as a joke on existing political parties, or a serious effort to unify the divided political scenario.) Our activist colleague Sulaiman Bhimani has been appointed as Maharashtra State Convenor. He proposes to unify RTI Activists and citizens fighting illegal builders, etc. He proposes that Janata Congress Party can be our rallying point for fighting against illegal activities that the establishment is protecting.
Sulaiman also proposes to take up Judicial Reforms -- an issue that every existing party is shying away from. Let there be a public outcry for video and audio recording in all courts, and time-bound justice through abolition of tareekh pe tareekh

You are cordially invited to attend a meeting to debate the pros and cons of this proposal. 

Room No.104, 2nd Floor,  
All India Institute for Local Self Government 
Mayor Hall, Juhu Lane,
Andheri West 
(5 mins walk from Rly station)

Sunday, 4th February, 2 pm onwards

Come, joint in a frank-and-free discussion with Sulaiman and his activist friends such as Mohd. Afzal, Sunil Ahya, Anil Galgali and myself.

RSVP Krishnaraj Rao
Mobile 9821588114
Whatsapp 8169471229


  1. The Team @ Janta Congress, all the best for future endeavours !
    Though wish to attend the scheduled meeting, but will not be possible to do so.
    As goodwill gesture to the new venture, in future if meeting ti be held, with minimum one day's prior notice, I can offer my office ( @ CRYSTAL PLAZA, Opp Infiniti Mall, New Link Rd, Andheri West ) where about 15 participants can be accommodated.

  2. Sorry in the above post offering my office, missed to incorporate my name: BHARAT GANDHI ( Cell 932 224 6187 / 992 008 5007 Email Additional self introduction not required as Mr. Krish, Mr. Sulemain and Mr. Afzal know me personally.

  3. Wish All the activists best of luck for their noble work. I am at Pune hence can't attend. But I sent What's app messages to by contacts at Mumbai.

    Kashyap Vyas
    Anticorruption Crusader from Pune And Mumbai


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