Open Letter to Maharashtra CM: Why are Bhagtani builders still roaming free & enjoying life?

Mumbai, 3rd December, 2017: An open Letter signed by 267 Bhagtani victims from various projects, was dispatched by Speedpost yesterday. The letter demanded to know why there was a inaction from the law-enforcement agencies despite Dipesh, Mukesh and Lakshman Bhagtani cheating thousands of home buyers. The letter demanded to know why Bhagtani builders were still roaming free & enjoying life? Why hadn't they been taken into judicial custody and interrogated already? Why weren't their passports impounded yet?

This letter, with signatures, was sent to Chief Minister, Home Minister, Police Commissioner, Advocate General and MP Kirit Somaiya. Many victims worked patiently for many days to gather the 267 signatures from all over Mumbai, especially Kavita Doke (Dadar), Karunesh Nishesh (Mira Road), Ashok Palo (Powai), Dr John Paul (Dahisar), Dolly Sheth (Mulund) and Paresh Karia (Goregaon). 

Meanwhile, many NRI victims of Bhagtani, such as Mahesh Adhate, Suma Guha and Sarang Apte  signed and sent the letter directly in their individual capacity from Canada, Middle East, etc.

Click here to read the letter with its signatures. 

Text of this open letter is reproduced below:

25th November, 2017

Sub: Why are Bhagtani builders still roaming free & enjoying life?
Why aren't they being interrogated in judicial custody?
Why aren't their passports impounded yet?
Dear Sirs,

We, the undersigned, are cheated flat-purchasers of Bhagtani builders. More than 2000 flat-buyers like us booked flats in their projects including Riyo in Mira Road, Sapphire in Dahisar, Serenity and Krishaang in Powai, and Savannah in Kanjurmarg. Diipesh, Mukesh and Lakshman Bhagtani collected booking amounts between Rs 8 lakhs and Rs 80 lakhs per flat. Now, After collecting Rs 600 crore from our life-savings, they are neither delivering the flats, nor returning our money. They claim that they have no money at all. Our dreams of buying our own house in Mumbai have been shattered.
The State Government is well aware of all this. A month ago, thanks to the efforts of Dr Kirit Somaiya, MP, Economic Offence Wing (EOW) announced that a Special Investigation Team was being set up. A week ago, Minister of State for Home Shri Ranjit Patil announced that government would probe the assets and liabilities of Bhagtanis. But, despite these announcement, Bhagtanis are still continuing to enjoy life, dine at 5-star hotels and fly to Dubai, London, etc at our expense. Sir, why is there so much delay? Why haven't the three Bhagtanis been arrested already? Why haven't they been intensively interrogated in police custody and judicial custody? Why aren't their passports impounded? Why aren't their books of accounts seized so far?

Is the government waiting for the Bhagtanis to settle abroad like Vijay Mallya and Lalit Modi and enjoy our money at leisure? Otherwise, why the delay and inaction?

Many money-laundering techniques are being employed to divert their ill-gotten wealth into unrelated bank accounts in India and abroad. The Bhagtani family is in an advanced stage of settling abroad. 

There are at least six FIRs currently registered against Bhagtani builders for cheating and fraud. Sessions Court has repeatedly refused bail to them, but they are buying time by approaching high court and appointing high-powered senior counsels. The public prosecutors are not strongly arguing for arrest and travel restrictions. Some High Court judges appear to be protecting Bhagtanis by giving lenient orders. This judicial drama has been going on for the past three months.

Sir, please end this drama by taking swift action to prevent the Bhagtanis from settling abroad with their ill-gotten wealth. Otherwise, the BJP government at state and centre will be exposed to public ridicule. We believe in your good intentions; please take firm actions to uphold our belief. 

Thanking you in advance,

Yours sincerely,



  1. Thanks a lot krishna sir. Thanks for your continue effort for those people who are loosing hope to get back there hard earned money...

  2. Thanks krish for supporting all of us

  3. Thanks Krish sir.....for all your support

  4. Vineet : And Davendra Fadnavis waxes elequent on and ON about ZERO TOLERANCE ON CORRUPRION AND GOOD GOVERNANCE both totally absent in Govt Of Maharashtra !
    My own experience Oberoi Splendour Vis a vis Oberoi Realty !
    Builders are it seems exempted from BJP Zero TOLERENCE & Good Governance dictum in Mumbai !
    Jai Hind !

  5. Thanks a lot Krishnaraj Rao Ji.

  6. I think fir should also include the property agents who acted on behest of the builder. they would have collected heafty commission 3-10% for such projects

  7. Whats the status of the case. I have invested money in rio 2 but till now no. update.
    Can anyone help me i can be reach at

  8. I had invested Rs 8.64 Lacs in the yeat 2014 and was allocated flat 505, N wing in Riyo Phase II. I work and live in Dubai and was unaware until i came down in August 2018 and to my surprise the office is closed at Santacruz. Please guide me as to how and when are we getting the refund or the allocated property. If i can be made a part of any whatsapp geoup or facebook than that would be great. Atleast i will be aware of the proceedings. Thanks, Nishant Kadoo
    Mobile # 971551660723
    Email #


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