Bhagtani ABA proceedings: Are High Court judges generally incompetent or corrupt?

Mumbai, 1 January 2018: Happy New Year and welcome to 2018. Are Bombay High Court judges only incompetent, or are they also corrupt?

Take a look at the Bhagtani hearings and understand why such a contemptuous question arises about Bombay High Court judges in general.

In the course of the proceedings in Anticipatory Bail Application (ABA) no 1725 and 1533 of 2017, Diipesh, Mukesh and Lakshman Bhagtani have successfully exposing the infirmities of the court since mid-August 2017. Hrishikesh Mundargi, Mahesh Jethmalani, the Public Prosecutor and other "officers of the court" are abetting in this criminal activity. Although all of them passed orders that appeared strict, the overall effect of 12 hearings conducted by Justice Revati Mohite Dere, Justice A M Badar, Justice Anuja Prabhudessai and Justice AS Gadkari is to give Bhagtanis interim protection from arrest for nearly four months, without any genuine compliances. TIME is what the Bhagtanis desperately need for diversion of funds and destruction of evidence, and time is what the High Court is generously giving them. JUSTICE is what thousands of Bhagtani victims want, and Justice is what the High Court is NOT giving them.



1) Three out of four judges did not ask about whereabouts of the three accused. Mukesh and Lakshman Bhagtani have been abroad throughout the abovementioned 12 hearings. Only at the last hearing on 20th December, 2017 did a high court judge insist on Dipesh Bhagtani's appearance, and held over the matter for the post-lunch session... and you know what? Dipesh Bhagtani didn't appear even then! Understand this: Diipesh Bhagtani appears at EOW interrogations and RERA hearings regularly, every other day, but he has the audacity to not appear before the High Court, even when he is specifically summoned by a judge! Issko kehte hain REAL POWER!

2) Three out of four high court judges showed no interest in impounding the passports of the accused. Justice Mohite Dere, Badar and Prabhudessai didn't even consider impounding the passports. The accused are still free to travel abroad, carrying out their money-laundering and fraudulent activities, and destroying the evidence of their crime, despite Justice Gadkari's orders on 20th December, 2017.

3)  Not a single judge has asked the accused to submit bank statements of all their companies, IT returns, audited books of accounts etc. It is evident on the face of the record that the Bhagtanis are accused of defrauding many hundred crores from the public, and diverting or misappropriating the funds. Doesn't commonsense dictate that the judges should ask the accused to present basic financial details about themselves?

Although Bombay High Court reportedly ordered the Bhagtanis to surrender their passports to Economic Offences Wing by 25th December, the order hasn't been uploaded till date. As expected, the Bhagtanis haven't complied, and in this, they appear to have the active connivance of many different parties, including Senior Counsels Jethmalani and Mundargi. 

Do they have the active cooperation of Justice Gadkari also? You tell me.

And therefore, this big question arises: Are Bombay High Court judges only incompetent, or are they also corrupt?

Krishnaraj Rao

PS: Does somebody want to initiate criminal contempt proceedings against me? Go ahead, make my day! Happy new year.


  1. And to think it is our money that is being used against us. Justice delayed justice denied is in motion as all the senior counsel hired by Bhagtanis are ensuring delays using operational loopholes and succeeding in beating the system

  2. Not only 4 projects are scam, even court proceedings, EOW, Govt etc all seem managed.. Our money being used to manage everyone.


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