Modi is that man your mother warned you about

"Mitron, I'm that man your mother warned you about," says Modi to all of us. A ripple of pleasure passes through the crowd, and dozens of people shudder and come in their pants.

Modi's premise is simple: Pain is good. "Is that so hard to believe, you fucking faggots?" he thunders.
His promise is simple. He promises to fuck this nation so hard, it will go numb from pain and blood-loss. "If you think demonetization was painful, you don't know what I'm about to shove up your ass next," he gloats. "Just lie down and keep quiet, it will hurt a lot less that way," he advises.

Modi is confident that India is full of people who say that the more it hurts, the better it is.

You know, the kind of people who say, Hit me baby one more time?

The kind of people who pay someone wearing leather thongs to tie them up, gag them and then whip them till they vomit and black out? Or choke them till they almost die? You know?

That's the kind of people we are. And if we aren't already that sort of people, we will become that way by the time Namo is finished with us.

That's what he's saying here:


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