Thursday, 8 December 2016

Ekta World's Rebuttal to our Press Release

From: Deepti Nair <>
Date: Thu, Dec 8, 2016 at 6:11 PM
Subject: RE: Draft Press Release on Ekta offer of refund plus 9% interest to Vineet Malik
To: Krishnaraj Rao <>
Cc: Vineet Malik <>, Sulaiman Bhimani <>, Ashok Mohnani <>, Ms Laxmi Jaiswal LAXMI <>,

Dear Mr. Krishnaraj Rao,

Greetings from EKTA world!

We refer to your email dated 5th December, 2016 (“said Email”) containing your “draft press release” and write to you in response thereto. At the outset, we deny each and every allegation, insinuation and contention stated in the said Email and repeat and reiterate all that has been stated by us in all our emails/correspondences addressed to you and Mr. Vineet Malik, till date. Nothing stated in the said Email shall be deemed to be admitted by us for want of specific traverse.

It is indeed surprising that on the one hand you and one Mr. Suleman Bhimani are leading the strictly without prejudice negotiations on behalf of Mr. Vineet Malik with our company, and on the other hand are claiming to issue press releases on the same issue in ‘public interest’. There is a direct conflict of interest so far as both yourself and Mr. Bhimani are concerned and your press release is obviously nothing short of being biased and loaded completely in favour of Mr. Vineet Malik.

We would like to point out paragraph 9 of the email dated 7th November, 2016 addressed to us by Mr. Vineet Malik whereby he has voluntarily (and for reasons best known to him) terminated with immediate effect, his booking in our project at Virar, Maharashtra and sought refund of the amounts paid by him. We have already confirmed his termination and offered the full refund legally payable to him.

Please note that despite your role as representative of Mr. Vineet Malik, you are trying to use your personal blog and the media at large to try and illegally extract monies from us,  by providing misleading information. It is obvious that you are attempting to use the media as a tool for your negotiations on behalf of Mr. Vineet Malik with us and arm twist us, as you have been doing (at the behest of Mr. Vineet Malik) for the last few months.

We hereby notify you that the negotiations entered into with Mr. Vineet Malik, which are being led by yourself and Mr. Bhimani are strictly confidential and that you have no right to use the public forum to cut a raw for your client or subject us to a media trial. Your conduct amounts to outright breach of trust.

Trust good sense prevails and you refrain from ‘leaking’ details of these confidential negotiations through your “press release”, and instead take advantage of the good public reputation you enjoy to ensure that nothing but fairness and the truth prevails.

Thanks & Regards,
Deepti Nair-Karkera| Asst. General Manager Media| Marketing

EKTA world Pvt Ltd.
Registered Office: 401, Hallmark Business Plaza| Bandra (East) | Mumbai - 400 051.
P: 91-22-61152276

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