Surgical strike happened! We khakhi chuddies were there!

Commander-In-Chief Narendra Modi led the surgical strike from the front! He charged 2.5 km into enemy lines, and valiantly vanquished the evil Pakistani terrorists. Following him were our brave army of patriotic knicker-clad bhakts a.k.a. The Only True Patriots!
Never ever ever ever question Modiji's great leadership. Ever! He has valiantly led the surgical strikes from the frontlines, and we, the only true patriots, will willingly lay down our lives for him!

"Never doubt that khakhi chuddies can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." -- with apologies to Margaret Mead.

The Surgical Strike happened! It did! We kicked Pakistan's ass. And it happened exactly as our great and glorious leader Narendra Modi says it happened. Exactly that way -- because Narendra Modi is the only true leader since Independence. He has proof, even though he does not want to show any proof. It's not fair to ask him for proof, because he is Our Glorious Leader (Praise Be Upon Him).

Every single Prime Minister who came before Narendra Modi (except Atal Behari Vajpayee) was a nincompoop and a liar. 

Actually, even Gandhi was a closet gay, a child-molester and a coward. It is actually Golwalkar, Hedgewar and Godse -- and maybe Subhash Bose and Shahid Bhagat Singh also -- who banished the British and gained Independence. Modi is the only true successor of these saffron stalwarts -- the Messiah who has emerged after six decades of so-called Independence. He will lead India to superpower status within one electoral term -- no, make that two. If you want achche din to actually come, you will have to vote for Modi one more time... and one more time after that, if you don't mind. 

By then, Congi Commies would have been banished forever (because Congress-Mukt Bharat!) and Hindustan will march gloriously in lock-step into the future in knee-length Khakhi chuddies.

If you believe all of the above, you are a great patriot.

And if you doubt or question any of the above, you are also a crook, a liar, a Congi Commie stooge, and you deserve to die a horrible death. You all are traitors. You are sympathizers of Pak-sponsored terrorists. You chicken-hearted cow-eating sickulars should be tried for sedition, and hanged from the lamp posts.


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