Old Police compliant dated 5th June 2015: Call received from person claiming to be Ravi Pujari from Australia

Mumbai, 12th May, 2019: I am posting the below emailed police complaint made on 5th June, 2015 on my blog, merely for the record. I am not anticipating any threat from this person, but I want it to be on my blog as a matter of public record.

Below is a copy-paste of my email sent on that day.


From: Krishnaraj Rao <krish.kkphoto@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, Jun 5, 2015 at 8:04 PM
Subject: Call received from person claiming to be Ravi Pujari from Australia
To: Police Commissioner <police.mumbai@gmail.com>, Joint Commissioner of Police, Traffic Mumbai <jcptraffic@gmail.com>, <cybercell.mumbai@mahapolice.gov.in>, <cp.mum.dcp.det@mahapolice.gov.in>, <cp.mumbai@mahapolice.gov.in>, <addlcpcrimeoffice@gmail.com>, <dcpzone11-mum@mahapolice.gov.in>, <dcpzone11@gmail.com>, Chief Minister office <CM@maharashtra.gov.in>, <chiefminister@maharashtra.gov.in>

I would like to inform you that I received a call on my mobile phone (9821588114) from two foreign numbers (+6628875487 and also +38583663437) today evening. The person in both calls claimed to be Ravi Pujari speaking from Australia.

The gist of the conversation was as follows:

The first time he called from +6628875487 at 17.03 hours, it seemed that he was not able to hear me. I picked up the phone and identified myself as Krishnaraj Rao, and he kept asking whether it was Krishnaraj Rao. Then he disconnected the phone and called back immediately from the other number +38583663437. This time, he seemed to be able to hear more clearly.

After verifying that I was Krishnaraj Rao, and that I could hear him, he said, "I am Ravi Pujari".

I asked: "Who Ravi Pujari? What do you do? You are calling from a foreign number. Who are you?"

He said, "Surely you know about Ravi Pujari. I am speaking from Australia. Haven't you heard of Ravi Pujari? You are living in Mumbai and you have not heard of Ravi Pujari?"

I replied that I was quite ignorant, and that in fact, I was an anaadi.

Then I loudly asked my friends who were present in the room, with whom I was talking, "Hey, have you heard of Ravi Pujari? Who is this Ravi Pujari? Is he a bhai-type guy?"

My friends replied that yes, Ravi Pujari is a "bhai".

So I said to the caller, 'Yeah, ok, I'm told you are a bhai sort of person. Now tell me, why did you call me?"

The caller said, "Simply, some friends told me that you are an RTI activist, doing very good work in Mumbai. So I thought I should call you, just to say hello."

And then he said, "If you have any work from me, you can give me a call on this number. Take down this number."

I replied, "Email it to me, or SMS it to me."

He said, "Why should I SMS to you? Then everything will become open no?"

I said, "Why don't you SMS me? Who are you afraid of? If you can phone me from Australia, you can SMS me."

Again he said, "No, take down this number. I will dictate it to you."

I replied, "Why should I take down any number if I don't want to phone you back? What work could a person like me have with a person like you? I will never need to call you."

The caller kept insisting that I should take down the number. So I said, "Listen, Ravi, if anybody wants to give you a Supari against me, please go ahead and take it. But I will never have any reason to call you."

He said, "Not like that. Some friends told me about the good work that you are doing, and so I called. Get in touch with me if necessary."

I said, "Who are these friends anyway?"

The caller said, "Just some friends who said you are doing good work. So I felt like calling."

So I said, "Yeah, ok thank you."

He said, "Take care of yourself."

I said, "Ok, you too take care. We are all mortal and we never know when we have to die."

He cut the call.

I don't know whether this was really Ravi Pujari, or just some spam caller. I looked at my cellphone to see if my prepaid balance had dropped substantially during this call, but I didn't get any notification.

After making a call just now, I estimate that my call balance may have dropped by about Rs 25 during those calls, but I am not sure, as I had not checked earlier.

I hope the police will investigate this matter suitably.

Warm Regards,
Krishnaraj Rao
98215 88114


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