Rebuttal of Sanyam Realtors for article on RERA order disobeyed

Below is the rebuttal of Sanyam Realtors to this article

From: Akshay Jain <>
Date: Thu, Jun 28, 2018 at 3:07 PM
Subject: Re: Attn Mr Akshay & Rakesh Jain: Your rebuttal is solicited to attached article
To: Krishnaraj Rao <>
Cc: RJ Group Info <>, Rakesh Jain <>

Dear Mr. Krishnaraj Rao,

We have gone through your draft article in your email dated 26th June 2018, which basically comprises of first two paragraphs of background and information about the ‘self explanatory’ order dated 26th April 2018; followed by 3 pointers of your own interpretation of the order and its discussed significance according to you; followed by two paragraphs of words and jargons to sensationalize and popularize your blog.

Accordingly, on your assurance of appending our response in verbatim, we state as under:

Reg. first two paragraphs:-

Time and again you refer us as partner of Bhagtani’s. We are two separate companies, comprising of different set of promoters and directors, who came together under certain Terms and Conditions captured in a Registered Development Agreement which was later terminated vide a Registered Deed of Cancellation. In what context do you call this partners? In that case, all redevelopment projects should be partnerships according to you. You are time and again trying to portray our name and the name of our project in poor light by associating it with other Bhagtani projects, inorder to defame us.

Reg. 3 points on “Significance of the RERA Order”

The same is nothing but your flexing of mental muscles and trying to read everything that is not written in the said order. We will leave your imagination at your disposal based on the best understanding that you may have of the law. But objectionably you have also imagined and gone ahead and concluded that we have disobeyed the said order, this is completely false. Your using of such false phrases and altering the facts could be hazardous as the same is not true. Such comments could compel us to take legal actions against you for unnecessarily and falsely pronouncing something in public domain that is untrue and thereby causing defamation and loss of reputation.

For your audience in general, we advice you to attach the copy of the order dated 26th April 2018 in its entirety so they can interpret the same on their own and not be subjected to your interpretation.

Reg. last two paras:

Sadly, you have once again shown your displeasure as to why are people not running to file complaints. You have tried to create a chaos and panic amongst the buyers in general and the existing customers. Why would you do so? Infact, you seem to be unhappy that there are no complains being filed in MahaRERA. Writing such things is an extremely malicious effort to malign the project and the present promoters. Instead, you must be happy that customers are satisfied and not running and filing complains since you claim that you are a warrior of “public interest”. As we have informed you earlier, we have ensured that almost all of our customers are happy and satisfied. But if the projects suffers a set back or any bad reputation due to your keen interest in our project, inspite of our best efforts to keep it smoothly afloat then, you Sir shall be completely responsible for the loss.
Thank You

For Sanyam Realtors Pvt. Ltd.


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