Keep fighting, don't buy Bhagtani's "khayali pulao"

Mumbai, 16th March, 2018: Yes, legal battles are tough, time-consuming, exhausting and costly. You win some and you lose some; that is the nature of the beast. Riyo victims' MPID application at sessions court was rejected on technical grounds, making it necessary for the group to approach high court. Serenity victims' RERA application seeking to have Xander declared a co-promoter appears a bit shaky; whether it will be accepted or rejected by RERA judge Kapadnis will be seen in a few days.

Yes, legal battles require patience and alertness. It took 3-4 months of hard work for Riyo victims who were complainants and intervenors to put Diipesh Bhagtani in prison; he almost succeeded in fooling the judiciary, getting anticipatory bail and flying to Dubai like his father and brother. In the end, people managed to get his bail application rejected. It took group effort and enterprise, and yes, it cost the victims about Rs 10,000/- per head.

Going forward, getting a high court order for initiating MPID proceedings, or getting suitable orders from RERA, will undoubtedly be a tough uphill path with many twists and turns, and much anxiety. But because you have made the mistake of putting your trust and your life-savings in Bhagtani's projects, legal battles are a bitter fact of life for you. Live with it! 

Legal battles are unappetizing to 80% Bhagtanis' victims -- especially those who haven't complained to the EOW or made any other legal effort. They don't like to accept the bitter taste of truth. Bhagtani's khayali pulao smells very appetizing to them!

Khayali pulao is a favourite dish of a majority of the victims. Such people derive great comfort by phoning Mukesh and Laxman Bhagtani in Dubai. They go home and tell their wife, "I called up Mukesh today. He didn't pick up at first, but later, he returned my call. He said he will start refunding our money after August 2018. He told me to return the bounced cheques and promised to send fresh post-dated cheques. This proves that his intentions are good." Think how easy it is to go home and tell this to your wife! (And think how pleasant her mood will be at bedtime!)

By contrast, see how difficult it is to go home and say, "The sessions court rejected our MPID application. Now we have to appeal in High Court. If our appeal succeeds, the police will investigate Bhagtani's asset position, and after some months, hopefully, Bhagtani's properties will be auctioned and we will get partial repayment." (Mister, you are not getting any action tonight!)

Is it surprising that most men go home to their wife with a fresh serving of Bhagtani's khayali pulao?

Ingredients of Bhagtani's khayali pulfao:

a) Bhagtanis are "temporarily" unable to repay people because "EOW has frozen our bank accounts". (Otherwise, they would definitely have refunded everybody with full interest).

b) People's support is needed to overcome these "temporary legal issues".

c) "Temporary legal issues" can be solved if flat-buyers form an association under the leadership of "good people", and sign affidavits that they believe in Bhagtani family.

d) Associations should convince the authorities to defreeze the assets and bank accounts.

e) Association members should sign NOCs allowing Bhagtanis to sell their properties/development rights.

f) A trust will be formed for the welfare of the buyers, and Bhagtani's assets (including "development rights of various projects, worth hundreds of crores) will be transferred to this trust!

Why khayali pulao sells

Bhagtanis and their stooges are experts at giving a glimpse of hope to the hopeless. Many people are financially illiterate, and many others, though educated and brainy, don't want to spare the time and energy for logically processing unpleasant information, and sifting facts from propaganda, illusions and false beliefs. They are extremely gullible towards anybody who give them a tiny ray of hope. Scam victims are tired of thinking for themselves; they want "a strong leadership" to take all decisions for them. They wake up everyday wondering when this financial nightmare will end, and they want someone to convince them that they will get lakhs of rupees tomorrow.

People don't want to exercise their own mind. "Why do we have to analyze or understand anything? Let our group leaders and/or lawyers understand and guide us!" they say.

This mindset makes them vulnerable to Bhagtani's stooges who confidently say they have a win-win solution, and trick them again.
BOTTOMLINE: Your first mistake was to trust Bhagtanis' tall claims and give them pots of money. Your second, third, fourth and fifth mistake was to sign their cancellation deed, accept their post-dated cheques, return the bounced cheques in exchange for their letter-of-credit, take their transfer-option, etc. etc. Yes, fighting legal battles is difficult, and yes, being a gullible moron is super-easy, comes naturally, and is almost second-nature. All the more reason to break that habit and for once in your life, think straight!

Krishnaraj Rao


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