Monday, 5 February 2018

Flat Buyers Beware: Alibaug Cliff Haven is Marina Scam Reloaded

Mumbai, 5th February, 2018: Before booking a flat in Cliff Haven Alibaug, please be aware that your flat was sold to somebody as "Marina Alibaug" in 2011-12 by Realliance Constructions along with Prachin Hotels and Resorts Pvt Ltd. The main promoter of Marina, Pravin Hirji Thakkar, has multiple criminal and civil proceedings against him, and is absconding. Ashok Chhaganlal Thakkar, Ashwin Mohanlal Thakkar and others who are part of Enamour Realty Pvt Ltd and Sunvenn Advisors Pvt Ltd are now reselling flats in the same property by packaging the old wine in a new bottle.  If you purchase flats in Cliff Haven, be warned, you may get stuck in multiple litigations!

On November 11, 2017, a large advertisement appeared in Mumbai edition Maharashtra Times for Cliff Haven in Alibaug, a project by Enamour Realty Pvt Ltd, marketed by Sunvenn Advisors Pvt Ltd. Below is the advert.

"Cliff Haven" advertisement in Maharashtra Times, November 11, 2017.
Flat-buyers and property investors, be warned, this is a scam.
In February 2011, an advert had been published in Loksatta for a property by RCL (Realliance Constructions Ltd) for Marina. Cliff haven is basically the same property.

"Marina" advertisement in Loksatta, 13th February, 2011

Without intimation to the original flat buyers, Ashok Chhaganlal Thakkar and his colleagues took over the unfinished Marina property and completed it according to the same plan (except that they added one more floor and replaced the sloping roofs with terraces). 

Visual comparison of Marina with Cliff Haven:
Marina project, as shown in the brochure

Cliff Haven project, as shown on the website.

Approximately 72 residents of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane paid over Rs 4.5 lakhs in the hopes of owning a beach-front property in Alibaug, whose total price was quoted at Rs 15 lakhs. Some of them have initiated court proceedings and even received orders in their favour. 

The location of Cliff Haven (formerly Marina) project site is as shown below on the website:


More will be revealed in future articles about the criminal activities of Pravin Hirji Thakkar and his colleagues in various corporate entities that are connected to him.

Bottomline: Avoid Cliff Haven Alibaug like poison. And if you have already booked flats in Cliff Haven, take immediate steps to register an FIR with police Economic Offenses Wing (EOW) against the directors of Enamour and Sunvenn for cheating you.

Krishnaraj Rao


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