How Bhagtani Victims must respond to latest High Court order

14th October, 2017, Mumbai: After reading Bombay High Court's latest order is in Bhagtani Anticipatory Bail Application no. 1533, the big question is, What should Bhagtani Riyo victims do next?

Earlier, we were confident that the court was firmly set on the track of protecting ALL investors of Bhagtani Riyo project, whether they were interveners or not. However, at the present moment, we feel it is advisable for everyone who booked flats in Bhagtani Riyo to become interveners so that they can inform the court if their dues are not settled as per orders. There are many lawyers currently representing interveners. One of them is Advocate Shraddha Dubepatil (Mob: 9920187873). 

Below are the things to be hand delivered by the flat allottee (or their Power-Of-Attorney holder) to Adv. Shraddha at Office no. 8, Ground Floor, Raj Mahal Building, Near Ambassador Hotel, Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate.
  • Allotment Letter
  • Cancellation Deed if any
  • Details of payments made / claim amount i.e amount paid plus interest.
  • Details of booking amount and subsequent installments paid if any.
  • Cheque/cash Rs 6,000/- towards legal expenses
 You will have to sign on the following documents at Adv. Shraddha's office:
  • Vakalatnama
  • Intervention Application
The above actions must be carried out before 6 pm 25th October i.e. next 11 days, to enable Adv. Shraddha to file intervention application in time.  


Word of caution to interveners: Please don't engage in any demonstrations or morchas against the High Court order.  Please be patient, and brief your advocates and counsels to handle the situation properly at the next hearing.

Call to action for non-interveners: Those who are not interveners in this case are of course free to peacefully demonstrate after giving proper intimation to police. It is in your own interest to do awareness-raising activities such as peaceful morchas, so that public, mainstream media and Mantralaya become more aware of the plight of over 2000 Bhagtani victims. Your voices must be heard, so speak up!

Krishnaraj Rao


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