Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Is Supreme Court a PART-TIME GUARDIAN of our fundamental rights?

Individuals can go on as many leaves as they like, including study leave, casual leave and sick-leave for much more than six months... but can the ENTIRE ORGAN OF GOVERNANCE remain closed for weeks or months? (And please, don't anybody mention vacation judges, who provide only a loincloth of judicial service!)

Evidently, it can! And according to our hon'ble judges, India is hale and hearty despite such institutionalized mass-bunking.

So, let the whole country follow the noble example of our judges, and accordingly, let the government sanction SIX WEEK SUMMER VACATIONS FOR:

1) Police

2) Central & State Government, including Prime Minister, Chief Minister, entire cabinet and entire secretariat.

3) Entire Army, Navy, Air Force and Border Security Force. Let them coordinate the dates to match with summer vacations for the armed forces of Pakistan, China and Bangladesh across the borders.

No surprise invasions and terrorist attacks when we are on vacation, boys. "Time-please!" :-)


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