K Raheja's REBUTTAL to our Press Release on HORIZON GREEN Drainage Issue

The below email was sent as a rebuttal to our press release.

From: K Raheja Constructions <rahejac@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, Dec 23, 2016 at 1:30 PM
Subject: Re: Kind Attn Mr Sandeep G Raheja: Draft Press Release about Horizon Green for your rebuttal
To: Krishnaraj Rao <krish.kkphoto@gmail.com>
Cc: unique <corporate@krahejahospitality.com>, City Office <city@krahejahospitality.com>, archana desai desai <kconstructionb@gmail.com>, "K.Raheja - Delhi" <delhi@krahejahospitality.com>, chandemd@gmail.com
Mr. Krishnaraj Rao

Subject:        Building Horizon Green at Borivali.

Reference:    Your emails on 20-12-2016 & 22-12-2016.

At the outset, it may be stated that by and large the statements made in your draft release are far from facts & ground reality.  The rebut para-wise is as follows.

The levels mentioned in your first para of your draft as well as sketch furnished there below are surface levels and have no bearing with the invert levels of the inlet & outlet of drainage line, which govern the drainage flow. 

During my discussion with you I told you that the fact that adequate slope is available between the last chamber in the building and the manhole on Municipal road to which the line is connected is confirmed by emptying water tanker in the last chamber in the presence of municipal staff.

It may be further pointed out that the drainage completion (DCC) for building No. 6 known as Horizon Green was obtained from Building Proposal Department to connect the drainage line from last chamber of the building under reference to the existing drainage line in the layout & thereafter the full occupation permission for the building No. 6 was obtained (copies of DCC & OCC enclosed). Subsequently it was noticed that the said connection was damaged suspectedly by the occupants of the ‘Raheja Green Co-Op. Housing Ltd.  This was brought to the notice of Dy. Municipal Commissioner, Zone VII, Asstt. Engineer (Maint) R/C Ward and the Senior Inspector Police, Kasturba Police Station by writing letters (photocopies enclosed).  However no action so far taken by any of these authorities.

Being frustrated with the apathy of the public bodies, application for another connection was made in R/C ward office Asstt. Engineer (Maint).  The said permission was obtained and accordingly work was carried out maintaining the slope & levels as mentioned above (copy enclosed). 

Therefore your statements and the information on which they are based viz. “Rude shock because their drainage is connected to the Municipal Sewage that is uphill from the building, so, the drainage cannot work, and that the drainage work was not completed before occupation certificate etc.” are baseless and false.  If you want any further authentic proof you may contact R/C Ward staff of MCGM.
If therefore despite above explanation you choose to publish the draft article, please note that the same will be entirely at your risk, cost and consequences.

Yours sincerely,
(M.D. Chande)

N.B. Above supporting documents are for your information only and not to be parted to any other persons.


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