FIR filed against K Raheja builder: Horizon Green Borivali has invalid OC and Fake Drainage

Mumbai, 24th December, 2016: Mumbai Police recently filed FIR against K Raheja's Palm Grove Beach Hotels Pvt Ltd. Reason? Violation of Town Planning Act by unauthorized construction of a drainage line in November-December 2015. Many months earlier, Palm Grove misled MCGM into giving Drainage Completion Certificate and  Occupation Certificate (OC) for their new building Horizon Green without drainage. To make up the lacuna, the developer belatedly built a drainage line going uphill. That's right, uphill!

The Deputy Municipal Commissioner's remarked on 5th January, 2016, "Validity of issue of occupation certificate dated on 18.4.2015 is doubtful".  If any flat-owners take possession and come to stay in their flats, they are in for a rude shock. When they start having baths and flushing toilets in sufficient numbers, their sewage will overflow.

See level difference in two blue circles in this drainage plan

Near the building, the drainage is 102.926 metres above mean sea level. Further down the line, the level is 105.862 metres – three metres higher, i.e. up the hill. The explanation given by K Raheja's CEO, M D Chande, is that "adequate slope is available between the last chamber in the building and the manhole on Municipal road to which the line is connected is confirmed by emptying water tanker in the last chamber in the presence of municipal staff." However, Mr Chande steadfastly refuses to back his claims with any figures i.e. metres above sea level, degree of slope, etc. Home buyers should remember that a slope of one foot per ten feet of length is needed for sewage sludge to flow; otherwise silting, stagnation and overflow are bound to happen.

Mr Chande alleges that as their neighbours deliberately blocked the old drainage line, he was forced to build the new uphill drainage.

Mr Chande claims that MCGM's Assistant Engineer - Maintenance gave NOC dated 20th November 2015 for the uphill drainage line without requiring the builder to submit any plans or diagrams

"Why seek NOC from Maintenance department? Why not Building Proposal department?" we asked Mr Chande. His reply was that after giving OC, Building Proposal has no further jurisdiction. So he was forced to approach Maintenance Department. But  MCGM disregarded the Maintenance Department NOC and issued instructions to prosecute Palm Grove Beach Hotels for "unauthorized lying of sewer pipeline and drainage work". Read MCGM's Designated Officer's sanction to prosecute.

DMC's remarks

MCGM's Deputy Municipal Commissioner wrote an office memo in January 2016, titled "Full Occupation Certificate issued... without completing all necessary works in the building". The DMC wrote: "It is reported that Building Proposal Department have given full Occupation Certificate to Building No. 6 on 18.4.2015... It is seen that now developer has started the work of laying drainage line. Designated Officer R/Central Ward had issued stop work notice on 9.12.2015... This clearly shows that before issue of occupation certificate, the drainage work was not completed." See the screenshot below.

The DMC's memo can be read at:

Catching small fish & setting the big ones free

The Assistant Police Inspector's statement prior to FIR mentions the mukadam Ramesh Kishan More, "Manager" Mr Chande and supervisor Virendra Dube. Read the statement:
As always, even while filing an FIR, the authorities catch unimportant minions and let the bosses go free. So, who were the persons named in the FIR? Not the directors of Palm Grove Beach Hotels and not even the project's architect. At first, FIR was registered against Mr Chande and Mr Virendra Dube, a site supervisor working on contract basis. Here's the screenshot.


Later, the FIR was further diluted by removal of Mr Chande's name with white ink, and its replacement with Mr Dube's name, evidently because they represented to MCGM that Mr Chande, CEO, is "not concerned in this matter". So Mr Dube's name is mentioned twice in the same sentence. See the screenshot below:

So the blame for this multi-crore rupee fraud is being pinned only on a site supervisor who has zero discretionary powers and only follows orders. One is reminded of Justice S J Kathawalla's recent reprimand to EOW in a case concerning a builder, "You arrested the smaller guy... and the builder, the big man, you say is wanted... Are you giving him a chance to take anticipatory bail?'' Hope someone drags Palm Grove before Justice Kathawalla!

Krishnaraj Rao

Read K Raheja CEO's detailed rebuttal to this press release.

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  1. Honorable & Most Respected Sir and your excellent Team ,
    Despite repeated written mails to the concerned/ relevant Public Servants, regarding specific Grievance/ Complaint, on their Official E mail ID, and on their Office Address failed to yield any response, therefore the aggrieved person searches / struggles and finds out the Phone Nos., then were compelled to call up these officials Phone Nos. (which is mostly very busy because of misuse) only to be told that the public servant is in a meeting / not present in his seat / on Leave / Transferred, etc. etc. ; N number of cruel excuses ; when requested to Identify Himself/ Herself, the public servant fails to Identify themselves nor helps to record the message/ grievance nor helps to redress the Grievance and transfers the phone call to another public servant who keeps the phone on Hold / Busy, on the pretext of finding the Complaint/ Grievance Email/ Letter, which only adds to the losses, expenses and ill-health of the aggrieved person/s .
    There is a deliberate attempt by these cruel and corrupt public servants to Sabotage the Progress of INDIA and the sincere and Noble Intentions of Activists & Patriots like your Honorable Self and your excellent Team & The GOI's noble and repeated initiatives for a DIGITAL INDIA ; The common man finds it very difficult for even a response from any of the public servants’ official E mail ID's despite best and repeated efforts, both to their official phones and their official E mail ID's. Our nearly 3 decades long experience in dealing with various Govt. Dept.'s established 1 very important fact, i.e. There is no accountability or responsibility because there is no control , monitoring or Supervision, which emboldens the callous, cruel and corrupt Public servant to brazenly & blatantly continue with the Violations in order to force and compel the aggrieved complainant to meet the relevant Public servant which results in Extortion and other avoidable continuing Expenses, Losses and sufferings, whereas the Public servant continues to earn Gross Salaries, Increments, Promotions, Pensions, etc….
    State Machinery is for the Common Good, Transparency, Good Governance, for a Peaceful, Healthy and Prosperous Society, State and Nation; Instead the rouges in the system are Hell - bent on manipulating and distorting the system for pecuniary gains /vested interests, thereby resulting in near death of our Democracy and our NATION
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