RNA Exotica – Rich People in Filthy Slum Rehab Project?

Mumbai, 4th July 2016: Wealthy people prefer to live among the rich, and definitely not in poverty-stricken neighbourhoods; so, why did hundreds of wealthy, influential families sink their money into RNA Exotica, a vast slum rehab project with a tiny sale component for the rich? Because these wealthy people were made to believe that RNA Exotica, Goregaon, is a luxury apartment in a grand building project in a grand location, by hype such as this website, this walkthrough video, and this location map on RNA Corp's website. Flat-buyers were too busy, too mentally lazy, and too trusting to do any serious fact-checking. Amazing but true!

Evidently, those who booked a flat in RNA Exotica weren't keen on getting their shoes dirty by walking around the neighbourhood; otherwise, they would have seen slummy conditions like this everywhere. Oh yeah, RNA Corp designed and built every inch of this vertical slum!

If anybody had fact-checked RNA Exotica's background with Google (leave alone using RTI etc), he would have stumbled across SkylineDocu52 on Maharashtra Government's website -- a presentation and project report for the Environment Ministry. 

Why did wealthy, influential families sink their money into RNA Exotica, a vast slum rehab project with a tiny sale component for the rich?
Four out of five flats built by RNA Corp under the RNA Exotica project were slum rehab flats.

This official document says it all:
  1. According to page 6, RNA Exotica project includes CTS no. 98/1 to 98/12, 101 to 111 (pt) and 149(pt) of Village Goregaon, with lots of SRA buildings like these.

  2. According to page 8, RNA Exotica project is a Slum Rehabilitation project under MMRDA.

  3. According to page 9, RNA Exotica has 16 existing buildings (i.e. the slum rehab buildings), and two proposed buildings in one compound.

  4. According to page 10, of the two proposed buildings of RNA Exotica, one will be a rehab building from ground plus 7 floors, and MMRDA parking lot from 9th to 18th floor. The other building, of course, is the one that you purchased a flat in.

  5. Page 23 says that 2338 rehab flats were earlier built by RNA Corp, a further 102 flats will be built in the new proposed building, and a 532 flats will be built in the sale component. Four out of five flats built by RNA Corp under the RNA Exotica project were slum rehab flats.

  6. Page 25 shows the sale component compound in the entire layout called RNA Exotica.

  7. Page 31 shows the rehab component building (marked in orange on the left) and sale component building in this compound.
As for the thousands of slum families living in the cramped rehab flats: no, the late Anil Aggarwal didn't rehabilitate them, he only relocated their slums in a vertical format, stacking them one on top of another in 15 dangerous ground-plus-seven structures. If a fire breaks out in any of these closely-stacked rehab flats, it will be unstoppable, spreading not only from one flat to another, but from one building to another! And if a contagious disease breaks out in the area because of bad drainage, please remember that you, Mr and Mrs Flat Purchaser, will be living exactly in the middle of the whole thing. Environment Ministry's clearance for the RNA Exotica project richly deserves to be cancelled.

So, now that you have been sold a flat in a huge Slum Rehabilitation project, what are you going to do? If you were thinking of going to consumer court, prepare to be rapped on the knuckle like these folks who bought a 10th floor flat from AA Estates (an RNA Corp concern) in a building that didn't have permission for the 10th floor. They went to the Consumer Court saying that they wanted their money back with compensation. The court scolded these unfortunate buyers for not doing due diligence before investing, and their case was dismissed. Don't blame the builder for cheating you, said the court; it was your duty to check and not take Anil Aggarwal at his word!

Krishnaraj Rao


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