Saturday, 16 May 2015

Do women have an IMPURITY COMPLEX about menstruation?

I want Indian men and women to search their hearts and answer some questions:
1) Can women POLLUTE GOD when they are having their periods? Are they "IMPURE" on those days? Can God be polluted by anybody or anything?
2) Or, alternatively, is menstruating DISRESPECTFUL to God?
3) Or do women feel somehow GUILTY for menstruating?
Why do women consider menstruating so profoundly dirty, that they can't even pray to God?

And if none of these are true, why do women stay out of temples etc. during those days? Why are the majority of them still following this ancient custom in the 21st Century?
Why are even "LIBERATED WOMEN" AND FEMINISTS in India voluntarily following this primordial custom? I have never seen men imposing this custom on their womenfolk. Hell, we guys mostly don't even know when they are having their periods!
[I don't know if Muslim and Christian women still follow this ancient tradition, but Hindu women definitely do. I suspect there are remnants of this custom in women of all religious faiths.]

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